550a Expats in Italy; Maeve in America


Life for themselves in europe. Every summer i went in every summer it got harder to come back to the states. So i eventually just decided to move their. You'd feel relaxed more downtime more. They're not so serious. About everything. in life may higgins. Hometown was the last place. Many irish emigrants saw of their native land. So she says it's only natural to find herself drawn to fellow immigrants from around the world. I always find that. Immigrants have a story because they've literally left one life behind and started a new life. The born stand up comedian explains why. She chose new york city when she moved to america a few years ago. Forty five percent of new yorkers. I born outside of the country. They're not even born in america so kind of unique sushi. i think. Stay with us for the stories of immigrants to end from america

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