Trump faces Senate trial after historic second impeachment

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From NPR NEWS. I'm Laxmi saying President elect Joe Biden's first days in office will witness a historic second impeachment trial of by then former President Donald Trump. His fate will rest in the hands of a Senate that will be under Democratic control, though, is NPR's Susan Davis explains, the Democrats will still need enough Republican support to convict Outgoing Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell blocked a request from incoming majority leader Chuck Schumer to return to Washington early to start the trial. The Senate's out of session until January 19th and binds inauguration is the next day. Impeachment trials require senators to be in their seats and must meet six days a week until the trial concludes, making it difficult to approve any legislation or nomination while the trials ongoing If all 50 Democrats vote to convict they'd need a minimum of 17 Republicans to join them to get a conviction If Trump were convicted, which appears unlikely the Senate could then vote to bar him from ever holding public office

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