How To Get on Podcasts as a Guest


One of the most free questions. I get asked about podcasting is how do i get on other podcasts as guest and its frequent for good reason because people know that podcasts are powerful way to market themselves to get out there to be known. Nobody wants to be ignored. But how do you get on a podcast. You just use cold outreach. Do spam people in their inboxes. Asking to be on their podcast. What is the most effective way to regularly show up on other podcasts. Well i'm going to tell you share with you my system so you can lineup guest appearances for the rest of the year. First of all. I want to address something. That's very very important. One of the things. We all have to come to terms with no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial. Journey is understanding. Why you should be on a podcast. Not talking about the benefits here. i'm talking about. Why would a podcast host. Won't you on their show. You have to honestly answer that question for example. Take a look at some of the bigger podcasts. Out there W f by marc maron. Joe rogan the jordan. Harbinger your show. Why is elon. Musk being interviewed by. Joe rogan. Why did richard bring it on the dribble. your show. Why did president. Braga obama get on w. f. with marc maron. How did that happen. That cold email. joe rogan. No probably the other way around right so the first thing we have establish is the more value can add to an audience. The more likely it's going to be that you're going to show up on that podcast. Let me say that again. The more value you can add to an audience the more likely you will be a guest on that podcast so elon. Musk shows up on. Joe rogan because joe rogan knows. His audience wants to hear from him. He sought after the something here. There's something that he can offer. That makes it worth him trying to get him on the show. One of my favorite podcast interviews is with jamie fox on the tim. Ferriss show and tim for a shares that it took him years to get to the point where he knew jamie foxx enough to convince him to get on his podcast. He had to put a lot of work in a lot of time. A lot of sacrifice a lot of investment and. I'll talk a little bit about how he actually got jamie fox at the end and how relates to today's lesson. Why did tim ferriss go through. All that effort will because he knew the jamie foxx would be a brilliant episode who share incredible stories. He has a lot of value to add. So i want you to start thinking in that way. Yes we all are not jamie fox or president barack obama but we can add value to an audience and we could start somewhere we will have to start with the can show right. We can start with smaller podcast with audiences that are more niche that can really benefit from what we can offer but a lot of us get disappointed that. Hey i'm reaching out these podcasts. And they're not getting back to me. I can really offer a lot of value. Omar will one of the reasons why they're not getting back to us because they just never heard of you or they don't really have any kind of rough of what you can deliver so we're going to solve this problem immediately. One of the best ways to get on a podcast. If your brand new is to be noteworthy that means you have to show people that you can deliver for example if somebody wanted to get on a podcast and they just reached out by email and said hey podcast. I'm an expert at seo. I think i'd be really valuable to your audience versus somebody who says hey. I'd love for you to have me on your show an seo expert. I should talk about how. Google has become the dominant search engine and y. Here's a link to that ted talk hoover's opening the email whoever's reading the email whether it's the host or the executive system that works for the host. They have a lot more mature work with now. They have a reason to say. Yes they have a ted talk to watch and say. Wow this person's credible they really delivered Enough people in that room were willing to listen to this person. He commanded an audience. Might be worth having on the podcast so you have to really give them something to say. Yes. this is why your own content is really really important until you have a few great interviews under your belt where you can share those in your pitches then you need to shoot something else whether it's a youtube video whether it's a bestselling book up performance onstage. Give something to. The decision is easy. It's an easy s now. Our which is one of the ways you can do. This is one of the strategies. I used in the beginning where i literally would go to the pages of all the podcasts. I wanted to go on. I emailed them and Ask them to be on. And i gave him some materials to kind of look through to know that. I'm legit but a more effective way is what's called a warm introduction. Introductions are one of the best ways to get on podcast and it's the fastest way to get a. yes now. there's a few things you can do. Let's start with one of the easiest step step number one is do you know anybody. That's been on amy podcasts. As a guest. Look at all your friends on facebook on social your emails. Is there anybody in your network. That's been on a podcast guest. That knows that can vouch for you if so ask that person. Hey can you introduce me to that. Podcast you're on. A warm introduction is an easy way for them to say. Hey that gas was good and the recommending somebody. There's a good chance that somebody is going to be worth my time. This is why. I really emphasize the importance of building. Your personal network making friends in your industry because you can always help each other out vouch for each other and remember. I talked about how a lot of just don't know who you are. The more you network the more. You're well known. There are so many people. I know that are so good at networking yet. They don't have a best selling book. They are not a social media phenomenon. But if i say their name people know they are because they are great at networking. They're great at making friends in their space and people like that will never starve because they can always find opportunities because they know somebody. So get a warm introductions one of the best ways to get on podcast. Next piece of advice is your aim. Should be trying to get on five. Podcasts doesn't matter the size of the audience or how newer old the podcasts. Is you wanna get some rips. You wanna really understand the process and you want to deliver. Will you wanna do in those first. Five is be the absolute guest that podcast has ever had. I'm talking about study. This podcast study everybody. Who's in your niche or have spoken about the topics that you might talk about in the interview or in the podcast episode and cover things that haven't been covered address issues. Problems challenges that other people haven't addressed on the podcast before you want to be the most guests they've ever had you want to be the jamie foxx episode. Okay why because this is how you're gonna viral market yourself if you knock it out of the park. And you're the best episode for each of these. Podcasts podcasters listen to other podcasts. And the here episode the blake. I gotta get this person on my show and that really worked for me. I work super hard on making sure. I nail my first interviews. That i crush it that i really deliver value. It's my only goal. I'm not trying to promote products and services if the host talks about my websites or my products. That's great. that's fine. But i don't even mention the asking. That question is are any way people can reach out to you. I give out my e mail or give out my twitter handle and try to get the conversation to continue on those mediums. The point here is that you just got to really nail. This not only will help you with the viral marketing of a. But it's a great set of interviews that you can use as samples of your work when you reach out to other podcast to be a guest on. My next tip is make a list. Make a list of all the podcasts. You want to be on. And it's okay if you shoot for the stars and he may even wanna work to that list so like number. One is joe rogan number two. Is tim ferriss. Show whatever just you know naming names here. But you have your favorite podcasts or the best podcasts you want to be on and work your way down. you know. it's okay if that list is one hundred. Two hundred three hundred podcasts. And see as you know a a bucket list you know. I wanna cross these off. And i want to get through all the podcasts as much as possible. And don't forget new. Podcasts are being launched all the time. so you're gonna want to update this list but the list is great to have so you can track your progress and is literally just a spreadsheet on google sheets. You know the podcast name. The podcast host The link to the podcast. And then i actually have a column or linked to my episode. Once i'm on it when you're starting out on another quick tip. I have to say this. But i've noticed some people don't do this but when you're starting out when you're trying to get on other podcasts. Dopey a prima donna. Okay don't be too precious. A lot of people. Don't want to fill out forms. They wanna do pre interviews. They don't wanna do the initial chant. Sometimes they think well this established business successful This is beneath me and this podcast is not popular anyway. Why should i do this. Well you should do it because if you wanna get on the show. That's what needs to be done. There's no room for pride here. You want to get on the podcast. Go through the format. It's good for you helps you prepare helps you do your best when it's time to actually be on the podcast and you're on the road of the actual episode. You gotta earn your stripes. You might be successful in your own area in your own business. But you're entering a new world podcasting and you're nobody here. I don't want to speak on your behalf but if you're a beginner you are still earning your stripes. You're still proving yourself as good guest as a gray guesses a valuable guests so run through the steps in the is as needed. And sometimes you're going to have to do all these kinds of hoops and prepare and schedule months in advance before the episode of airs. The better podcasts. Actually you know. Have a pretty long lead time. Some of the bigger podcasts. I i've been on. They had four five six months of lead time. But as you know time flies so put in the work now so you can reap the benefits later.

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