The Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine has some key advantages despite lower efficacy rate


Joins me from here in London with the latest Phil finally, a dose of good news. Talk to us about the advantage off this vaccine on crucially when they expected to be Rolled out. This is where this vaccine is special. This is pretty great. Haven't have a gander here it what AstraZeneca's doing so very quickly. They plan to roll it out deliveries in the next day or two with vaccinations starting as early as next week. And what's I guess so exciting about this vaccine is that it is logistically convenient. It doesn't need to be kept it deep, stored deep cold storage temperatures, Aziz finds the vaccine does know, for example, we could effectively be kept in a free Which which means that it can be moved around and stored relatively easily rolled out more widely. So kind of like the Madonna vaccine. Madonna still requires cold temperatures. I think I think has to be in a freezer. But it doesn't have to be the ultra cold storage like the fines or vaccine. In the end, we're

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