A highlight from 432: It's Our New Year's Eve Special! Good Riddance, 2020!


To the proceedings. It's the s. Wpa even issue ladies and gentlemen and getting this baby uploaded recorded as been like butter. I gotta say i saw. I've been If i can cut in stevie okay your dope the way this works is is you you host everything you initiate everything. Every day I just sit here. I look opened my laptop. I look at it. I can see you on my laptop from three billion miles away. setting me up dead. At the bank payment click. Click click click. And you go all. I do nothing. Actually i do nothing the mic on all the time so a lot of trouble a lot of trouble okay. A lot of trouble and and more recently in the last three or four weeks you regret buying a seven storey house steve with with all the with the router down the first floor and your and your studio on the seventh from am from an internet podcasting scenario. Yes hang on jimmy. I gotta run down and reboot the rotor chris. Chris 'cause you could hear going stopping on the landing of each flight this is no the poor brick that so anyway i make the suggestion. Stevie of steve. Maybe i should host so now doing it by zoom. Maybe i should do it. You can initiate it from my end and you go okay now. Let's try that You know for a for a dumb dumb many ideas. But let's try that. We need an alternative. So i'm watching you so i can. I'm going to host it. But i can't push any button still so you're going okay. We'll i'll i'll get on your laptop again and stevie how about the old as i'm watching you try and upload this thing and get it going how about the old select all images with with out of focus chimneys on and i'm watching you move this thing around trying to try to i. Almost i almost feel you squinted looking at the swearing your head off. That's a chimney. I don't like it's the peak and the other else behind it. I think. Could they make it any more difficult. I'm gonna issued a strongly worded letter to the folks at zoom. I think it was nine. Or twelve squares on the images that abba chimney or click. And my if i failed i guess. And they immediately take me to click on the images that have a boat. One of the images had a boat in a driveway in a busy street. Am i supposed to click frigging thing or the other one. The other one they do stevie is pick all the images. Okay so there's a dozen or nine squares or something like that. Okay pick all the images with lights at an intersection well. What kind of lights overhead lights with traffic lights. It's so funny you don't pick up all the images that you can see the tip of the lead of pencil anyway. I was having a laugh at a gas watch. You try to figure all that up but but but here we are happy now. You youtube as well and then it's nice that seems to be working knock on wood. It seems to be working through your internet. So that may be our new go-to moving forward so that we don't Well you know. Throw the computer across the room effectively but the good listener doesn't want to hear that they wanna talk about what's going on in the world and we decided to do today because this is our new year's eve shows without would get into some of what's happened in ano- submit tried a little cliche that you go back into the quote unquote year. Ender about it has been unique year in so many ways. Twenty twenty and here on new year's eve. I'm sure you join me. James in saying good riddance to what has been a really really tough year. Well you know the the biggest story of the year for sure is can't

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