A highlight from Nigerian President Pledges to Tackle Foodstuffs Prices

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You're listening to the news at this hour on africa. Business radio president. Mohamed blurry tuesday committed his administration to check in at a soaring prices of foodstuffs which have become a major driver inflation in the country. The president as virtual meeting of the presidential economic advisory council short the council of his administration's readiness to monitor the general rise in the prices of food commodities and twenty twenty one with a view to bring in them down a statement by presidential spokesman. Mallam garba show who also quoted the president as reiterating his by relative to the central bank of nigeria knocks to grant any foreign exchange for the importation of food items. This is the third time. The president would issue directive. I in august twenty nine and again in september and that was the news at this hour on africa business radio. You can commute so this in life online at stop. Ww africa business radio dot com or via our mobile app. I am rachel. chie-jen do thank you for listening.

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