A highlight from US President-Elect Biden Accuses Trumps Appointees Of Stalling Transition

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You're listening to the news on the hour on africa business. Radio president-elect joe biden said monday that donald trump's appointees at the pentagon lowest stalling on the transition and warned that the united states face a space as security risks as a result biden said that political appointees at the pentagon as well as the office of management and budget have put up roadblocks budding. After the briefing said they just aren't getting all information that in each from the outgoing administration in key national security area about instead he was seeking a clear picture from the outgoing administration on the force poster of us troops around the world. And that was the news this time on africa business radio you can continue to listen life line at stompie you w. dot africa business radio dot com or their mobile app. Thank you for listening. I am rachel she gender.

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