Superstitions Special: New Years Eve Festivities

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Indeed. What very few people understand is that it wasn't just their personal lock on the line. For new year's eve is special. It's a gateway in time a moments when all humanity takes a deep breath then walks hand in hand into the future and it's in moments like these that anything can happen while these men and women were busy. Shoring up luck for the new year. One man was simply focused on getting through the day. His name was calvin basta and at seven thirty in the morning eastern he was two hundred miles. South of manhattan. Having just spent the nights on an icy park bench in downtown. Baltimore calvin wasn't used to waking up in the bitter cold but circumstances had forced his hand a passionate political activist he had spent so much time in washington. Dc of the last year that he forgotten to check when his lease expired so that he was sitting in the snow rats tightly and comforters salvaged from his old apartment with freezing hands. He checked his phone notifications from social media. Where a plenty. His account was anonymous under the handle. Trotsky is under this name. He was both more popular and more incendiary than he could be under his legal name but he wasn't looking for social media validation this morning today he was looking for a text from grant halcion an old college acquaintance and the only person he knew who had an apartment lodge for sure enough. There was a curt. Hi bud. How long do you need to crash always down to business. The two young men hadn't talked much since grants uncle had given him. That internship with jayanti economics right out of college. Unlike calvin he didn't return to baltimore for altruistic reasons he returned because hunt valley was an easy place for an entrepreneur than it silicon counterpart out west. At least that's what people said grant. Maybe a centrist shell but he was a reliable one calvin thought for a moment and tactfully replied just the night nine. Am the relief of hot. Shower was immense kelvin. Swore he could almost feel his skin cracking from the sudden change in temperature and like all good things. It was over too soon. He stepped out into the living room to find grants sprawled in front of the tv. The film playing like some old. Be movie starring scott cushing the sort of thing. They used to watch their dorm together. Hearing calvin inte- grant looked up. You going to tell me how you wound up. Spending the night at druid hill. Oh you know how it is. A man goes out for night of drinks next thing. You know you're lisa's expired. And you're at the mercy of the elements grant laughed and shook his head pityingly. You're lucky security. Didn't catch you or the police kelvin's gut tightened. He'd had enough close calls with police in the last twelve months that he couldn't just laugh off. the idea. grants probably had no idea how well acquainted kelvin's eyes were with military grade pepper spray. If his nervousness showed grant gave no sign he was up on his feet and heading to the bathroom. Without pausing his voice echoed out across the porcelain. You have any Plans for the holiday staying in stable and don't get arrested. Calvin thought himself dow loud he replied not really no. There was a long pause and then grants reappeared a roguish grin on his face. Speak of the devil. Answer this for me. He tossed his phone to calvin. Who scrambled catch it. He raised at tentatively tizzy and spoke. Hello calvin is that you it's ages. He knew that voice shelley mcnamara another of their old friends from college in fact she had been one of his closest friends and almost more before she had dropped out of college and vanished into thin. Air all these memories came flooding back at her greeting calvin stammered to catch up. What have you been up to in the last eight years. Oh nothing much. Just seeing the world experiencing life boring stuff like that been living a dessert. I kind of adulthood. You know there. It was the thing that kept the two of them account. She had always been more about living the best life while he had spent much of his twenty with his head buried in some cause or another hardly an attitude that lent itself to romance. But what was new year's eve four. If not being a little selfish so surely what are you up to this evening. Have new year's plans actually. That's just what i was calling grant about. Billy diamond is hosting a huge new year's eve party in his place in federal hill. You should definitely come and be my plus one plus twos whatever. You should come close. I haven't yet decided who my new year's kiss is going to be calvin barely had time to stammer and a sent before. She hung up. Calvin was a romantic at heart. It was what drove him to activism in the first place but while the life of an activists offered a good sheriff flings he often found himself lonely. So and i say that this flotation from an old crush felt like destiny to calvin no. I'm not exaggerating. A kiss at the stroke of midnights. They say sets the course for mandic personal life in the upcoming year. Calvin you more about it than most. Since the tradition was popularized by german american immigrants kelvin's grandparents both of whom were children of forty eight hours. Germans who emigrated following the failed revolution of eighteen forty eight. Never let him forget that and they always said that. If you missed your midnight. Kiss you might. As well have spent the night at home you would remain alone for the rest of the year. Grant was already speaking as calvin turn to hand his phone back. Grazie right the hottest girl from our class just reappears. Out of the blue apparently still single somehow. Sometimes i can't believe my own luck. Calvin had to stifle asi- he never really went. In for macho crap like competing over a woman as if life was a season of the bachelorette but grant had a way of bringing out that kind of behavior noon. Someone was at the door on instinct. Calvin rose to answer it but stopped too. Soon as he got to look through the peephole the entire space was filled by a pair of men in black suits for a moment. He thought they could be evangelists but the stern expressions and lack of pamphlets quickly dispelled that idea. It often being said that. Calvin baxter had a sixth cents for feds and in this moment that particular spidey sense was tingling had his old landlord reported him to the cia. Had someone finally hacked his social media accounts and learned who posted under the name. Trotsky is ice axe. He crept away from the door as quietly as he could but almost immediately he clocked. Grant making a beeline for the door. There would be no dissuading. Brandt calvin had to hide the bathrooms too obvious but so was the enormous bedroom. No time to dress for the weather. He bolted across the living room through the kitchen and out onto the fire escape. The cold outside was even greater a shock to calvin without his layers of blankets huddled by the window and waited listening as intently as he could. Muffled voices was that his name he heard. Were they asking if he knew this. Troublemaker calvin paid back in hoping to country. Glimpse of the fed's leaving what he saw chilled him. Even more than the frigid winter air grant was leading the men into the kitchen chatting jovially with them. Calvin scrambled away from the window and down floor to the landing beneath. He heard the window above him. Slide open and then heavy footsteps coming out onto the platform. He had been on a moment earlier. Whoever these men in black were they would find him and he'd spend the new year in jail coming up. Calvin makes an unexpected new year's resolution now back to the story around the world new year's eve ponte's the russian festival of novichok was already in full swing sped lana kouzmine who just celebrated her seventy eighth. Birthday had gotten off the phone with her sister. Irena she wanted to be put in touch with her american granddaughter. Penny but no luck. One of many small disappointments on another wise delightful holiday. Meanwhile back in america a young political activist was trying his best not to get caught by mysterious men in suits twelve thirty four pm. Calvin baxter was trapped huddled at the bottom of a fire escape waiting for the agents to realize he couldn't have gone far. He pressed up against the window pane behind him and felt a strange tapping at his back. He looked over his shoulder. The window looked into a modest. These sized bathroom in it stood a young woman in a bathrobe. She stayed out at him a toothbrush. Frozen mid scrub she blinked. He blinked back equally confused then. She cracked opened the window whereas the fire she asked. I'm nowhere i'm just. It's a very long story. Can you let me inside for just a minute. No okay fair I'm a strange unaddressed. Men at your window. I e skeptical too. I just need. He looked back up the fire escape and mentally said a prayer ten minutes. Then you'll never see me again. You can lock the door if you want this woman who was only a year older than idea. Mr baxter was reasonably wary of any man who appeared at her window in the middle of the day. but something about calvin reassured her. It could be that the scrawny man didn't look like he posed a threat to anyone or it could have been that he just looked so bloody cold and she felt like being charitable whenever the case she unbolted. The window swept down to the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Giving calvin a nice private chamber to escape into calvin klein din and breathed a sigh of relief. He finally could relax. The bathroom was warm and thick with post. Xiao humidity after shutting the window behind himself he strode over to the door and cleared his throat to speak to her through the wall. Thank you random woman. You have no idea how much i need. That rescue her muffled voice answered from the other side. Oh it was a rescue was it. I didn't think any of my neighbors were wanted fugitives. Like i said it's a long story but you have one grateful. Danilova here is is fell to a laundry basket to the side. I'm did you mean to leave your underwear and here. He heard her curse from the hallway. Then she snapped. Don't even think about it. I wasn't thinking about whatever you think i'm thinking about. I'm on the other side of the room. Despite her not being able to see him. Calvin put up both his hands. As if to show he had not stolen any of her undergarments when he heard nothing from the other side. He continued if it helps. I'm just going to stay in the corner on my phone until it's safe for me. Leave okay calvin reached for his pocket. It'd be foolish to post on social media about this near miss that maybe he could schedule a post for later. When the dust had settled and his alter ego could taunt the feds with impunity. His phone wasn't there. He cursed under his breath. He must have left it and grants apartment. Where either he or the feds could easily pick it up. He checked his watch. It had been ten minutes. Hopefully enough time for the feds who have realized grant was as clueless as they were. Calvin could head back now. Hey You i appreciate the asylum. I'm going to head back upstairs. He made his way to the window. An halfway through it. When he heard the door open behind him he turned to see his reluctant hosts holding the door open. Just go out the front. You don't have to leave through the window like a weirdo calvin paused and considered how he would sound. If he told her that he actually preferred going through the window to avoid attention then decided against it. He smiled at her politely as he passed and tried his best to keep his eyes forward as he went for the door he passed. Kitchen includes a brief glimpse of twelve. Green grapes on a plate but wisely didn't comment on it. He cracked the door open and peer through coast. Clear he turned around to thank the woman again but she spoke. I i swear to god damn so if you thanked me one. More time. i'm going to vomit. Just get outta here okay. sure my name is calvin. It was nice to meet you. The door slammed okay. Calvin thought i

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