Off The Record: What It's Like Being Friends with Celebrities



We need three to one action guys. Welcome back to off the record or we talk about whatever we want to reminisce little bit for all of us I was thinking about this the other day. What are some things that you guys are either doing now or the way you live. Blow your mind of yourself if you were like twelve man. My life the whole life whole life going to be in jail or something. I don't even know where i was going at twelve. I can't even imagine buying a car at twelve. That's so crazy. What about twelve or fifteen. Like let's say in that age right when you just start on your like just beginning to figure yourself out slowly starting to have like traveling some dreams. What are some things that you do now. That is like so that would have been so surprising to yourself at a younger age. I think for me. I was thinking about this yesterday. Where i was like i remember. What ideally i wanted for myself with louis. Downtown san francisco have a regular job and just pule of having like a nice job with a nine to five. You had high standards because la wasn't even on the radar as a kid. Not until like i was like fourteen fifteen. Then it was like through filmmaking oranges lifting even before barbara was a thing. I want to move down to venice beach. Java gnc just goes jim. But i think just almost in a sense realizing that i just didn't like this traditional route so your parents tell you and that's it you never think of. Yeah you don't you don't wake up in the morning and go. Wow how did this happen. How how did this happen. Almost every dan. That's how i feel. I'm like i know i've seen this before. But how did this fucking happen. I never thought i was going to be a comedian. I never thought. I would own my own company. I never thought i would own gym like just crazy or are they for you. Because you're like you're like way company. Like i have a family. I own this nice. And i like to open the nice house. Mom like i paid this much for a fucking room in this house. I'm so stop. My money's going away so much better. Yeah it's crazy because when you're in it it becomes pretty normal. Yeah and then when you take a step back just like even a couple of the things that you do or you just kind of surprised yourself. I do think if. I like what you said just from a few years ago where my my myself is now is more shocking than what i would say is from even before with what was your mindset a few years ago because i was like it was just like there's things i want to do but never released saw it happening with drastic change overnight. This happening right. Like what i would say more. So like. Social media's my work Instead of just say working like a regular job working with the people. I do Watching the show since. I was a kid Random random things by feel like just there's that progression that slowly happened just because of work and it just becomes a new normal every time. I think that's a trip like working with people that you grew up watching. And they end up being your friend like bobby. Yeah like every saturday and my friends for matt will be like oh my. Tv's all we it. We got to watch all dog. I guess ho- funny yup and then you work with them and he he asks you for advice or like shit and you're just like joe. This is fucking weird crazy. Fucking dante bosco. Alright we. that's that's even younger. That's like as a kid pretending to be peter pan. You're watching hook. You watch the movie with your friends. And then you're like all right who's going to be the la-z-boy and then like you who's going to be tinkerbell or whatever right and you play in the backyard and then you're sitting in front. The do they use to pretend to be. And i hated the review because he was always a bitter bitch and i wanted to talk so much shit to them. Not having my face. And i can't do it but he died in new york happy and sad at the same time i knew he was the actor i was like. Why is the actor such up this com bitch. It wasn't his role. I thought that they just picked a route kid to a jealous route kid to to play it. Think that's what blows my mind. The most is like all these kids like people that i like watched as a kid. They're like my friends. The we we met dante though. It was a really weird way because a lot of the younger generation zuko. They don't know him as roof. You are right. They know him as the voice zuko on that too. Yeah yeah right. And so the younger generation that didn't grow up with hook. They know him as like prince zuko. Yeah but me and my buddies when we were really into poker like we would go play like every fucking week. Right we were at this indian casino morongo. Was it pitching morongo. Yeah and then. We saw him at the food court and i was like wait. Is that fucking dante. Like what is he doing here right. And then later he comes into the poker room and he's not allowed to. There is just never expect to see that yeah. You don't expect this all the time. Doing her barak is liquid. you may get. it's a trip like talking in like canada or like texas and they know you from l. a. And they're just the normal routine and then you're just at the gym and you're like what the fuck are you really. That's true that's true. Because i was swimming in this beach at jersey shore and in these kids were like. What are you doing here. Get out of the water. Do like swimming. Yes so sites. All about the food court and in my friends manager had a mutual friend with them and i was like he came into the poker room. And i'm like oh my god. He's a degenerate like us. The juicy lucy yes so our buddy went to say hi to hand because you know here. He had like a mutual friend and you invited him to our table. We started playing. And i think from that point on like it was like we became friends and he invited us to like some underground celebrity poker games. And that's how he came here and and yeah and then. He knew tim at the time. So i felt like we had a mutual friend. But that was just crazy. Because there's so much shit. I wanted to talk. I wanted to be like me. Why are you so mean to peter. Pan didn't like it wasn't his fault that he became an adult like. Why are you so fucked up. Dude it in later. I'm like it's quite forgive. You isn't that crazy. He's want to robin. Williams is like working with the legend. Like that. it's is is

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