Off The Record: What Are Our 2021 Goals?



Lose three to on action. What guys welcome back to off the record when we talk about what we and it's the end of the year and usually at the end of the year of most years people start thinking about. What are they want to do next year and feel like this year because all of us been restricted from all kinds of stuff. We probably have a lot of goals for next. You guys all my goals play dude like what is it. Okay you want to see the pyramids. I'm gonna. I'm gonna. I don't know if i can go international but for sure we gotta do our over landing trip where we all go off roading for a couple of days and we live in the wilderness. Be so. I definitely want to snowboard a lot this year. Because it's gotta we gotta make up for like this. I haven't snowboard in three years. Shit yeah twenty. Seventeen was the last time i went. I did last year. I did snowboard once or twice but not enough. Yeah we used to go like every week. Man that's something. I want to do again and bring back into my life so definitely that i wanna go van lifing again because i have a good relationship with the kuku campers company now. So they're like yeah whenever you're colorado only in colorado. That's where their hub is. They're going to open up more locations but that's where their main like places. And i can basically take it anywhere as long as i don't cross into canada or mexico. Oh sure yeah. A few years ago visited one of our athletes and colorado and we saw was an elk or deer. I think it was like we're just driving down the street and there's just like moose and there's fucking hundreds of at no shit like if i'm standing straight up asses where my face dane two thousand pounds and they're just fucking hundreds of them and i wanted to get close. Are they nice. I know i wanted to get close. But he looked so big. That if i made one wrong move turned the head in there fucking allah would knock it. It's like a foot like maybe like six foot antlers. They look like they looked buffer than horses. A bigger than horse. I'd do it if i had armor on. And then i can pet them with my bare hand like knight's armor. Yeah i'll have knight's armor. But then i'll pitch him. Yeah let's get them and ride them courses dalby so six. Can you hold onto the fuck. There's this tribe. I want to visit mongolia. Words like siberia mongolia. There's a they they raise reindeer and ride them all. that's tie and then they. It's like some epic as like reindeer horse kind of things enter the eat them like raw. Yeah i saw some parts in mongolia to right into the cafeteria. It was one other show. I forgot what it was but there these kids down in mongolia. And how they because you know. They're like nomadic and how they were travelling the pretty much just have this little baby mongolian bb tied straight up onto the reindeer with by three hundred ropes strapped onto. It's impossible to fall out and you see this baby like smiling. Laughing always see that and like other countries. The baby never complained. Yeah they're like fuck it. This is like they know. The responsibility can spoil as babies here. Did this baby had responsibilities already. The moms like hey. I'm gonna cook right now. And so they're cooking in mongolian tents so the baby who's probably like i don't know four or five to baby this little baby. This baby grabbed another baby at. Hey you're gonna come help me. So they're both carrying a pot in each hand and they go to the part. Where the snow's the freshest and they collect the snow so that they cannot be yellow snow can bring it back so the mon- melted and make soup. Damn tyco foot actually does help gio confirm i i saw and washing vegetables should realize helping. Just pretty cool. There was this one guy that went into this really remote area in africa and he stayed with this tribe and one thing that he noticed was like there was no crying. Like from the baby's like at night hughes like it's so weird that at night you're used to babies waking everybody up but there's no crying nothing earth. Oh yeah but there's a ton of kids though so he was just like. Why is this happening. Like how come it doesn't how come there's no babies crying

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