Uber, Gig Companies Seek Labor Deals to Avoid Workers Becoming Employees


For the Supreme Supreme Court Court attorney attorney general general and and Legislature Legislature all all agree agree that that there's there's one one accurate accurate term term forgive forgive workers workers employees, employees, a a term term that that guarantees guarantees benefits benefits and and protections. protections. Good Good companies companies spent spent over $200 million on Proposition 22, which legalizes a new sub employee category. There's limited benefits, but the company's still controls how the workers work and how they get paid. Here's uber CEO Dara Couser Shah He our proposal is essentially what we call an independent contractor. Bus model gig work of cross model, the independent contractor plus Well, Sam Walton and Wal Mart mainstream fancy titles for low paid employees get companies like Lifton uber have succeeded in writing their terms for for workers workers into into labor labor law. law. I'm I'm Sam Sam Burnett Burnett Security Security News. News.

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