How much has Notre Dame closed the gap? We're about to find out against Alabama

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Let's move on college football. Alabama notre dame set the plate for the first time since the two thousand twelve. Bcs national championship game the crimson tide. One by twenty eight points now. That's just one of several high profile losses. Notre dame has suffered over the last twenty years. Take a look at this and take it. And since nineteen ninety eight notre dame has lost all six of its bcs and nuhere six bowl games most recently to clemson and the two thousand eighteen cotton bowl now the fighting irish been outscored by one hundred and forty four points during that span yet. Here is brian kelly. What they have the proof. We're knocking at the door every year playing really good teams great opponents and there's a league football team You know i i. I don't know why this narrative continues to pop up when we're always in the games. No we haven't won a national championship. That's correct I'm not changing the record but we are there every single year and we are grinding it out just like everybody else. Twelve paul finebaum and joey galloway. Paul what is your reaction to brian. kelly's comments well. He not only has notre dame not won a national championship. They haven't even competed in these games. And i think that's really the issue here ryan but brian. Kelly is trying to lower the expectations even lower than they already are. Most people think alabama is going to completely viscera them friday afternoon. And i don't know how you could argue at that point. He's trying to bake into the cake. Listen we're we're a great program we're notre dame we're in the playoffs every year or two. We just can't win the big one. So don't blame me. Don't blame my players. It's a crazy approach. But he's just trying to keep his team calm before they walk into the slaughter friday afternoon it's astounding to me. If he's actually thinking that way the idea of don't worry guys. Were still good no matter what so joey. It makes me think to brian. Kelly point do we hold notre dame to an unfair standard on the other side of that. I don't think it's unfair. Standard people just want to see the four best teams in the country and they wanna see good gains when it gets into college football playoff and if they're not good games than the question always arises. Did you deserve to be there now. I do believe that. Notre dame's four best teams in the country. And i believe they have been You know in recent years when when they get into the playoff and so i don't look at the end result and say well. They didn't deserve to be there absolutely earned their right to be their way. They've played this season. I think this is a better football team that we've seen in recent years unfortunately for notre dame going against a ridiculously good offense in alabama. So it's gonna be tough

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