Major League Baseball will require Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader to take sensitivity training


Cuomo's thirty one million dollar campaign war chest has come from large contributors including a fund, that invests in marijuana businesses Cuomo's spokesman said. Yesterday, that the campaign had set aside more than, fifty thousand, dollars from donors associated with recent corruption scandals and trials campaign plans to donate those, funds to causes including immigrant legal defense and women's reproductive rights, Stephen Paul Marlowe diamond this morning on the story six thirty. Four WCBS, out of baseball where. The player for the brewers in the walkie, brewers Josh Hader is feeling the heat over tweets from, years ago the resurface while he was pitching in the all star game last, night he's taking Responsibility for these, homophobic and racist statements saying that they were written when he. Was just a teenager Consequences that happened His Twitter account, is now locked but screen shots are making the circulation on social media showing that he tweeted things like. White power LL I hate gay people in a racial. Slur as well another teenage boy has been gunned down in Brooklyn. Happened yesterday afternoon the fourth to die in a series of killings unfolding in the. Past few weeks Sean Adams joins us live from Bushwick Sean police vehicles with lights flashing state through the night at. The Bushwick houses another young life snuffed out stolen. By street violence the fourth teen murdered in Brooklyn in a week to others shot in east New York. In bed stuy and then another stabbed in Brownsville yesterday afternoon at the Bushwick counts as a man on a bike pedaled up to a fifteen year old and opened fire. A bullet grazed another man's cheek police say there was some kind. Of a dispute there might be a. Gang connection here they're looking into that one person. Is being questioned the teens mother tells. The daily news her son was not the tar He was, not, in? A gang he wasn't a dr- into? Drugs he dreamed of.

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