Stephen Colbert addresses sexual misconduct allegations against Les Moonves


People. Are disadvantaged they're picking locations where there, are large number of people. That live in poverty they're picking locations where there is already alcohol saturation in the area in that. Area has already had negative impacts alcohol. Fellow Council members. Jessica green Barbara Sexton, Smith and Barbara Shanklin also supporting similar demonstrations in their districts the Family Dollar corporate office releasing a statement saying, the chain is trying to provide customers with a convenient option. To purchase adult beverages while shopping for everyday needs election managers around. Louisville say they're doing all they can to make sure November's. Election is secure Noriega Budi with. The Jefferson County board of elections says they met with representatives of the department of. Homeland security they went over the entire process of handling ballot somehow the ballots are taken to the polls to how, the, votes are counted at the end of the day in Washington the president says he's not planning on trying to weaken. Russian sanctions sanctions on Russia will remain. As is at the White House Monday the president says those sanctions on the. Kremlin will remain the president has strongly rejected, criticism he wasn't tough enough on Vladimir Putin at their Helsinki summit he argues That no, president has, ever been tougher on Russia then he is in California more than a. Dozen wildfires continue to rage out of control the car fire near reading in northern California now scorching more than one hundred and three thousand acres there's only twenty. Three percent contained that, fire responsible for six deaths and more than eight hundred homes being burnt Stephen Colbert weighing in on the sexual misconduct allegations against his boss CBS president les Moonves this Matthew jokes about. My boss being in trouble and we're still broadcasting Stephen Colbert on last night's the late show beginning with a joke is he. Addressed the sexual misconduct allegations against CBS president, les Moonves says, but the rest was serious as coal bear spoke, for over three minutes including about how women are speaking out. Now after being ignored for decades so we shouldn't be surprised. That when the change comes it. Comes radically this war is just a natural backlash to all. That silence Bear also noted that. Moon Vaz's gave him his job and supports the show but even so accountability is meaningless unless it's for everybody whether it's the leader. Of a network or the leader of the free world. Christopher Watson ABC news repeating this hour's top story Al impede involved in an injury accident at seventh inhale potentially. Involving a pedestrian your next news update coming at.

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