Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance still a mystery


It is. One of aviation's greatest mysteries what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight three seventy which vanished four years ago. On a flight of Beijing Rita Foley. Says there's a new report a team of international investigators says somebody deliberately diverted that aircraft and fluid for more than seven hours before it presumably, crashed into the Indian Ocean but who. And why chief investigator cook sue. Tune says they don't. Know it wasn't the pilot all of the. Passengers were cleared as well he says the can't rule out a third party is he put, it holding the pilots hostage but. No ransom demands were made this is agonizing for family members like danika weeks whose husband Paul was one of the two hundred thirty nine people on board ludicrous that you can lose a Boeing. Triple seven story long on we still have. No idea? Where they are what happened I'm Rita Foley report prepared by a. Nineteen member international team reiterated Malaysia's assertion of, plane, was deliberately. Diverted Stuck in traffic we've got the answer Brought to. You by rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans thirds is go watch out for. A large bag in the left lane, it's do eighty northbound just after ocean Geneva then Lorenzo. It's a stall in the middle lane eight eighty northbound before his Sperry and you're slow from Dakota road an earlier accident still has you very slow getting onto the San Mateo bridge ninety two eastbound jammed from hillsdale boulevard to the mid span of. The bridge good half hour delay there Eddie. May have no civil shaking, near Hercules we have a three point seven, magnitude earthquake.

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