Ruth Bader Ginsburg aims to serve 'at least five more years'


Sunday said. He believes Michael Cohen was once a good attorney but recording clients is a dish bobble. Offense obviously obviously I knew that I would never send him as. A reputable lawyer I just said he was a scoundrel Giuliani s said that violates attorney client privilege but Coen's attorney Lanny Davis said in, just talking about the case Giuliani has violated it. To Giuliani says they can. Address it and has been very helpful to us because. Now we've been able to put out the whole. Transcript with contradicts several things that Lanny Davis says the president re tweeted an. Old post Sunday in which Cohen called him, honest and. Transparent supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she hopes, to serve at least five more years on the cord Ginsberg spoke. Out yesterday after attending a play in New York about, the late Justice, Antonin, Scalia she noted that she is eighty-five and would like to, stay on. The, court until she's Ninety the courts oldest Justice pointed out that former Justice John Paul Stevens left the court when he was ninety Ginsburg said based on that she has about at least five more years and she's already hired, law clerks for at least two. More terms a police are investigating an apparent murder suicide that left five people dead near Corpus Christi police in Rob's down responded to a shooting at a nursing home Friday evening and. Found three people shot to death Erasmo floor is is the Rob's town chief of police To a room were Mr. story was Also located were inside the room near the suspect They've been, identified as, sixty, year, old Richard story the shooter, his stepmother Thelma Montalvo and his eighty-five year-old. Father Ernest story at the elderly couple's. Home nearby two more people were found shot dead they're identified as Montale those forty one year old son and, the couple's adopted thirteen year. Old. Side right now no motive has been established awesome city officials. Are being told to consider changing their city's name a new report by Austin's equity office identifies confederate monuments in the city as well as. Streets and neighbourhoods named after confederates and slave owners the report points, out that Austin is named after Stephen f. Austin the father of Texas and notes that. He opposed efforts to abolish slavery, in the state also on the list of locales it'd be possibly renamed peace park the Bouldin creek neighborhood. Barton springs and ten streets named for William Barton the Daniel. Boone of Texas who was a slave owner renaming the capital of. Texas would likely require a citywide election w away I news Eight thirty seven. Traffic and weather together in a minute but first, check of, your money, in, the, world of business has tradings, already underway this report service I mart credit..

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