Homeless Web Developer in the Bay Area Goes Viral For Handing Out Resumes


Had just visited his wife CARA and their newborn Logan when. He was heading home around midnight Saturday another car went into Quinn's lane and hit him Quinn was supposed to, take his two girls home later that morning. Rob dining was a longtime friend Karen and. Logan They're gonna need all the help they can get for a long long time spent two tours in Afghanistan fan coming back to mashpee to start a business and a family. After hearing of his death Quinn's friends set up a gofundme page with a goal of ten thousand dollars within hours, they met its and the number, continues to skyrocket For sixty thousand sixty thousand That's amazing Let's WBZ TV's Gary Brown with that report more than one hundred thousand dollars has already been raised through a. Gofundme page set up in. Queens name thousands of folks have fled their homes in northern. California's deadly wildfires continue. To burn eight people have now died including. Two firefighters dozens more still missing officials in the town, of reading say. The flames there seemed to be slowing more than five thousand structures have. Been destroyed close to forty thousand people have evacuated WBZ news, time, six ten a homeless man out west takes a different route on. The streets, Twenty-six-year-old unemployed web developer put on a suit and stood on a California highway median with, a, sign reading. Homeless hungry, first excess take, a resume a passer-by posted a photo of the man, on Twitter asking people to help him the homeless van says he's received two hundred job offers, correspondent Amri, green reporting BBC news time six eleven time for us to head to the ace hticket. Dot com sports. Studio Mr Adam Kaufman a nice. Debut yesterday Fenway absolutely the. Red Sox Blanked the, twins three nothing there third straight win Boston leads the, American League with eleven shutout victories to match it's two thousand seventeen total but new socks righty Nathan evolved, e seven innings of four hit bald earned the w in his debut after being acquired. By the rays. He got smell from his defense. In the. Third inning though Left centerfield on the move Jackie Bradley, lunging Great catch by Jackie Bradley Look. Like there was no way Right there is. One of the best Dave, O'Brien and Jerry Remmy. On Nessin obviously check out the video if you haven't seen Jackie Bradley Jr. rob, Bobby, Wilson to keep the score to oh Jackie best catch you've ever made I don't know I keep going you oughta get me some some clips and I'll, put, some numbers beside them for you Few to choose from JD Martinez double drove in, three the all-star leads the majors with eighty nine RBI Red Sox, host the Phillies tonight at seven in an interleague showdown David price will oppose Aaron. Nola Yankees double up the Royal, six three, in Jay New York debut bombers still five and a half. Back Chipper Jones Jim Thome Vladimir Guerrero Trevor Hoffman Jack Morris. And Alan, Trammell all entered the baseball hall of fame yesterday patriots hold their fifth training camp practice under the lights tonight new receiver. Jordan Mathews tweaked his. Right hamstring in. Yesterday's session should. Only miss a few days and Dustin Johnson won.

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