CBS board to discuss CEO Moonves investigation on Monday


News Radio I'm Lisa Carter the death toll from California's biggest wildfire continues to climb at least six people are dead in the car fire near reading, in northern California to firefighters were killed authorities confirmed. Yesterday that a fourth civilian has died dominant Galvan says he had to rush out of his home. With only the things he could carry we didn't. Think the fire was gonna come here so we didn't really take things out like everybody else that was scrambling at the last minute to get out when. We saw the fire on the ridge Once we saw, there then we knew it was coming but it was, too late then the ninety five thousand acre fire has destroyed more than eight. Hundred buildings and force thousands of people from their homes, and lost in the chaos of fourteen foot. Python Sandra Hodge strike had to evacuate her store reading reptiles the snake in question. Managed to get out of his plastic tub she said it probably won't go far but once people. To be a lookout she says. It isn't dangerous but there might be a slight risk. To small dogs, and cats President Trump says if he doesn't get what he wants to an immigration he's willing to shut down the government Trump tweeted yesterday that he'll do it, if Democrats don't give him the votes for border. Security including a wall at the border with Mexico congress has until September thirtieth to reach a budget. Deal or risk a government shutdown the CBS board. Of directors meets today to talk about allegations of sexual misconduct against chairman and CEO les Moonves has multiple reports claim some board members are weighing the possibility That moon veg should, step away from his work while, the investigation progresses moon visit. Minute in a statement last week that there were times decades ago when he may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances he said those instances were mistakes that he, regrets mccook reports claims were reported in the, New, Yorker, last week you're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio everyone. This is Mike Davis hope you had, a great weekend let's check in with, our partners over at the. CBS four weather center and take a look at your Monday forecast for today partly, cloudy skies isolated showers and thunderstorms highs right around one, hundred tonight partly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms and lows in the lower. Seventies looking at Tuesday partly cloudy scattered showers and thunderstorms, a little cooler with highs in the lower. Nineties you can always get your complete forecast over at CBS for local dot com. Anthony Scaramucci says he believes President Trump may have known if a meeting between his campaign officials and. Russia if you check sources inside. The White House and you check sources Side that campaign the level of. Fernandes's it is very possible on CNN's state of the union the former communications director for the president says it's possible Trump wasn't formed of the two thousand sixteen. Meeting after the fact the meeting was revealed to. Have happened at Trump Tower between Donald Trump junior Trump's son-in-law. Jared Kushner Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort, and, a. Kremlin linked lawyer in. Hopes of getting dirt on Hillary. Clinton however on CNN's state of the union Scaramucci says it's possible Trump never knew about the meeting Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen. Last week, claimed, that, he, was there when the president was informed of. The Russians offered to meet with them before it took place Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio, Sasha baron, Cohen is aiming his confrontational comedy and former Alabama judge ROY Moore Colin. Went after more in an interview on the British comedians who is America series. On Showtime last, night Cohen was posing as in Israeli anti-terrorism expert demonstrating what he said was the technology. That detects sex offenders Cohen waved what looked like a metal detector Wand over. More the one veep several times and that's when more. Got up and walked off the set the seventy one year old more loss a special US Senate election. Last December after several women accused him of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers and he was in his thirty s, more than a dozen. Workers were rushed to a Wisconsin hospital after an ammonia leak Sunday morning.

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