Hot Water Challenge: Why You Shouldn't Pour Boiling Water On Someone



It's unclear if the companies would raise fares in order, to cover, any new costs it's five thirty seven chemical cleanup in Everett to, will be good for the environment but bad for, traffic. State Department of ecology cruise next month begin removing heavy metals from the Snohomish river. Left behind by an Everett smelter the Everett herald reports east marine view drive will be closed to through traffic during the project restricting access to northbound highway. Five twenty nine we don't have exact dates for the work hand the closures police in Bellevue. Say a woman stabbed a couple and then set several fires in their home Saturday night they say. The homeless woman had been staying with the couple for a while, the couple and eighty three year old, man and. A seventy six year old woman have been upgraded to stable condition. At Harborview medical center now officers put out the fires and they arrested the woman that trying to figure out what her, motive might have been police are, investigating an apparent, murder-suicide. That left five people dead near Corpus Christi Texas police in Rob's town responded, to a shooting At a nursing home Friday evening and found three people shot to death, harassment Florez is the rubs down chief of police To a room were story was Was also located were inside the room near the They've been, identified as sixty year old Richard starry the shooter his stepmother Selma Montalvo at his eighty-five year-old father at the elderly couple's. Home nearby two more people were found shot dead they've also been identified to add, this the couple son and the couple's adopted son no word yet on a motive satirist and comedian Sasha baron Cohen is, now aiming his, confrontational comedy style at former Alabama judge ROY Moore Colin went after more in an. Interview on his series who is America on Showtime last night, caught was pretending to be an Israeli anti-terrorism expert demonstrating what he said was a technology that detects sex offenders Developed a machine that is used in schools. And plague bounce to. Detect anyone coming in and if they detect the pedophile the one alerts the law enforcement and the schools within a mile. Of ideals Cohen waved what looked like, a metal, detector wand, over more it beeps several times and that's when Moore got up and walked off the set you might remember that ROY. Moore lost especially US Senate election last December after several women accused him of sexual, misconduct when they were teenagers and he was in his thirties Francis is accepting the resignation of a prominent Vatican diplomat and, a, former archbishop, of DC cardinal Theodore McCarrick resigned from the college of cardinals amid sexual abuse allegations. One of his victims who was asked to be identified only, as James says he can finally move on with his life Prison and it has not days today I'm opening up, that door I'm walking. Out to the street and letting the sun hit my face for the first time ever the archdiocese, of Washington said in a statement yesterday that after the first Talibans were made a New York it. Reviewed its own files and found, no complaints of, any kind were made against McCarrick during his tenure as archbishop, of Washington. DC from two thousand one to two thousand six. The archdiocese also encouraged other potential victims to come forward a teenager in Indianapolis is. Recovering from severe burns after his friend his friends put him through what's being called the hot water challenge it involves having boiling water poured on you fifteen year old Kyle, and Clark has second and third degree burns on his back face and chest after his friends, poured boiling water on him while he was. Sleeping recently he's expected. To heal but you might recall a similar challenge caused the death of a, child in Florida KOMO news time five forty That's trying to get to the KOMO, sports desk, with Tom. Hutler needed a win yesterday and they picked up a victory in Anaheim shooting out. Of the gate with a seven-run I sitting held on for an eight five win over the angels Seattle salvage a win in the three game series they, moved to within four of the. Astros in the west Seattle. Now to ahead of Oakland for the second wildcard spot of the American League and wouldn't you don't. The Astros come to town to open a three-game series tonight James Paxton faces Houston's Garrett Cole in game, one Seahawks had their third out of training camp yesterday putting on pats the first time new offensive coordinator body Dave shot Hiber enjoyed hearing that familiar sound there's.

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