How Trump's next tax cut would boost America's richest


Cheating, for the wealthy cloudy in seventy one degrees some patchy fog and drizzle. Tonight more rain possible tomorrow I'm. Staying Lear here's what's trending at four thirty President Trump is considering. Another tax cut without taking it to congress. FOX's John decker reports from the White House Fox News has confirmed that the Trump administration is studying a plan to cut capital gains taxes by one hundred billion. Dollars over ten years by factoring in inflation the proposal that's being considered as having the treasury department issue regulations on its own without going to congress to allow Americans to account, for, inflation in determining capital gains tax liabilities president George H W Bush administration rejected a similar move in nineteen Ninety-two after concluding treasury didn't have the power to make the change unilaterally capital gains taxes were left unchanged in the one and a half trillion dollar tax law That President Trump signed last year. At the White House Jon decker Fox News an unusually big drug. Busts were Howard county nearly fifty people accused. Dealers and users have been arrested and Kokomo police captain Tonto cockerel says that's only the second half of the investigation are secondary rush resulted in the recovery of. Nearly a thousand grams of nothing phetamine five thousand grams of marijuana twenty grams of heroin and over two hundred syringes earlier the same investigation brought down one of the biggest drug, rings, the county has ever seen prosecutor Mark McCann says Moore Rashtra expected maybe those are parents in the checkout line buying school supplies for a son or daughter or maybe their teachers spending their own money to supply their classrooms Changed from where maybe just a little. Bit, of money was spent out. Of your own pocket to now we're talking several hundred dollars or more for any given, the school. Year to make sure we have the basic, needs in our classroom Theresa.

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