Mike Golic Jr. talks ESPN and the NFL


Really excited today to talk to one of my favorite people in sports media. He doesn't unbelievable job. It's hard to actually turn on ESPN radio and not hear it went one AM when it's eight AM on it's noon. I, I swear. There's some days there where he goes for like fourteen straight hours. It's really, really impressive. He's Mike Golic, junior had an outstanding career. Nerd aim was in the NFL for a while and guy. I got to know a little bit gosh along time ago. Now, at this point, Mike, what's up, man? How are you. I'm doing good Ross. I appreciate it. Man. It's been. It's been nice. Listen, the one thing I learned and know Frank Verduci a mutual friend of ours and former coach brought us together for one thing I learned from you. Basically, everyone else in footballers can do, and I'm sure that no matter what I'm doing a lot. So it's a lot harder for ESPN to fire me if they ever start to get wise to that start to think otherwise. Yes. So give me the breakdown. So are you still doing like the cold first and last still? Yup. So I got first and last four to six. AM the last month has been sort of weird because you know in radio, the summer is not really a big ratings bonanza. So they tell everyone take their time off, which means that I end up doing it a lot. So I get to fill in for dead and trae on golick a window when they're out. I've been filling in the Dan lebatardshow for us on ESPN which is ten AM to noon eastern to one eastern. And so I kinda just find myself in a lot of different spots over the last few weeks of the summer and. Try and make myself useful man opportunities. There are few and far between so you make sure they're, they're dot apart woman. I have a six AM radio show, so I got crazy respect for you having a four to six show, but are you not? Are you not on golick and wingo with your dad and trae every day anyway. Yeah. So I do two hours with them every day. I go that four to six for me. It's so radio there. So I got two hours by myself before they get started. And then I go over there with them for the first two hours of their show sort of bridge that morning gap, you know, dead and Traer both, you know, fifty five plus year old guys.

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