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69-year-old Danny Thompson breaks world speed record


Fifty one and a half century. After pioneering auto racer Mickey Thompson set out to break the land speed record. In a new car his son has finally done it in the same car Danny Thompson broke the land speed record for a piston engine card Bonneville over the, weekend everage over, two runs of over four hundred forty, eight miles an hour and every did, this in the challenger to, our car that, his father Mickey Thompson built back in one thousand nine hundred sixty the weather Bonneville didn't, cooperate that year And for one reason or another Mickey Thompson never got a chance to try for the speed record. And challenger, to before he and his wife were murdered. In nineteen Eighty-eight fast forward to now Danny Thompson pulled the old speed, racer out of. Mothballs put in a pair of nitro fueled, v eight engines that could crank out five thousand horsepower and finally got the record his

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