Trump says 'Apprentice' producer told him there's no 'N-word' tape


President Trump seems to be trying to fight back against what he seems to consider Omarosa most serious accusation against him that she has heard him using the n. word on tapes made while they were making the TV series. The apprentice tapes that are in the possession of some people that I'm Rosa would not name. And so tonight, Donald Trump has tweeted that he got a phone call from the man who owns those tapes. The man who produced that show. The tweet says Mark Burnett called to say, there are no tapes of the apprentice where I used such terrible and disgusting word and joining our discussion. Now, Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee and an MS NBC. I always Michel cinder, the White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour an MSNBC contributor and Tim O'Brien. The executive editor of Bloomberg opinion, author of Trump nation the art of being the Donald and an MSNBC contributor and Michael Steele, I want to get your reaction to what the president is tweeting about tonight. He seems to. Think, or at least what you what you see in that is the idea that he seems. He believes that a tape of him being caught using the n. word could be really damaging to him what what is your reading of what that would actually do to to President Trump standing? I think if that tape existed and and just as an Asterix on that point, this is a narrative. As you know, Lawrence, it has been around for about four or five years now, and so it's come from different places and different sources. So there is that. And I think for the president, this idea that if this tape did exist, this did occur, it would be I think, beyond devastating, to hear the president's own voice, own words, using that word doesn't matter context doesn't matter situation. It's going to be hard to come back from that. I think a lot of a lot of supporters of his who, as we've seen. Start to move a little bit and shift particularly around the issue that you raised in your opening, which was very powerful. By the way, this idea of complicit and incompetence that whole issue with these children, coupled with this type of language coming out of the president's mouth. Unlike the access Hollywood tape, this I think has much more devastating impact the do you agree on that point? I mean it it strikes me as something that would be if it existed of completely unsurprising to me based on my observations of Donald Trump and and we don't have any good evidence that this exists. I don't think any of us are sitting here believing Arosa on this point, but you may if it did exist, it did become public. Do you agree with Michael about what the impact would be if that tape really did exist? It would be bombshell for the president. Unlike some other things that have happened to the president, the n. word is steeped in history. People have swung from trees. People have been in slaved. Whole generations of people were denied the right to vote. So so much violence was was was really perpetrated on African Americans using that word that it's a special place in American history that I think the president would have a hard hard hard time coming back from that said, the access Hollywood tape..

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