Ohio air base says there is no active shooter threat


Maybe spread out of. Their good practices that we don't, know that I might not be thinking about or my my colleagues my teachers are not thinking about maybe somebody else is doing superintendent Pedro Martinez says formal guidelines, could be in place by year's end the. San Antonio teachers alliance says a policy with no written rules is a recipe for excess abuse and retribution Morgan Montalvo NewsRadio twelve hundred w a man apparently shot. At his girlfriend inside their home and the government hill area just south of fort Sam. Houston early this morning then walked into the front yard and shot himself in the, head police found the woman shot several times inside the home on San Meyer street just north of thirty-five the man was still breathing, and was rushed to the hospital police say it now looks like a case of domestic violence a man in a woman were shot overnight, in a parking lot at Fredericksburg and medical on the northwest side. Police say the couple got into an argument with, a man over a necklace the couple tried. To run away but the man ran. After them and shot them as they got into To a car they were hospitalized. The gunman remains at large failure of the college lake dam in. Lynchburg Virginia is imminent after a half foot of rain Thursday and more falling overnight meteorologists say a failure would. Be catastrophic, is, a lot of water that will be rushed over very instantly and that is the flash flooding part and if it goes from, a, flash flood warning, to a flash flood emergency that is the final stage that means it has breached the national weather service has a complete collapse of the dam, could send a seventeen. Foot wall of water sweeping into the city a migrant child who, was recently released from a detention center in Dili has. Died the death has been confirmed by illegal group which would not provide any additional information the immigrant rights groups raises, says that facility has been the focus of lawsuits for years over health. Concerns about two or three years, ago where a group of children were given adult doses of various vaccines The death was first revealed by a Houston, lawyer who wrote on Twitter that the migrant child died from a respiratory illness that she contracted. While in the. Dili detention center it turns out a training exercise led to reports of. An active shooter at Wright Patterson air force base near Dayton Ohio yesterday issued. A statement saying there was no active shooting incident on Thursday in all base personnel are safe a scheduled training was taking place in an unknown. Person called nine one one to report an active shooter Wright Patterson locked down, the base and toll personnel to shelter in place there was a massive police response to the incident today you'll want to reach for a glass or a mug or Stein because it's. International beer day southerly brewing company's less log says the growing number of microbreweries in. The Alamo city is Representative of.

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