U.S. job growth slowed in July; wage growth remains modest


Live from NPR. News in Washington I'm Laurie London the treasury department is going after a, Russian Bank and. Other, individuals and businesses, accused of helping North Korea evade sanctions the action comes as secretary of state. Mike, Pompeo in, Singapore foreign Asian security summit this weekend as NPR's Michele Keleman. Reports Pompeo is urging countries in, the region to keep. The pressure on North Korea until it gives up its nuclear weapons the treasury department has added agro, say use Russian Bank to a US blacklists saying it knowingly facilitated what it calls, significant transaction at violated US sanctions, the US, also imposing sanctions on a Moscow based Representative of North Korea's primary foreign exchange Bank or Russia to expel him a Chinese trading company is also. Being singled out by the treasury department Meanwhile Secretary Pompeii oh Is attending a regional, forum in Singapore where he's encouraging countries to better. Enforce sanctions on North Korea he tells reporters quote we still have a ways to go. To achieve the outcome we're looking for Michelle Kellerman NPR. News Washington the. US economy gained one hundred fifty seven thousand jar thousand jobs and the unemployment rate dropped three point nine percent in July NPR's Chris Arnold has more on, the just-released report from, the Labor Department these job gains numbers for last month were a bit worse than expected but the revisions for the months before that show stronger job gains in the government previously. Reported so that about balances out, there, was solid hiring and manufacturing and healthcare growth in wages continues to be pretty tap it up two point seven percent from a year ago wages have been surprisingly sluggish given how low the unemployment rate is now fallen that's puzzling economists. Who don't know why more employers are offering higher wages to attract workers, Chris Arnold NPR. News Who's the first week of testimony in the trial of Paul. Manafort wraps up today NPR's Windsor Johnston, reports, the former Trump campaign chairman is facing, more than a dozen Bank, and tax fraud charges the jury is, expected to hear more testimony. Today from one of manafort's accountants fill a lift told yours yesterday. That he was unaware that Manafort kept offshore Bank accounts he also testified, that the lack of accurate information provided would lead to an incorrect tax return the prosecution has. Been working to prove that metaphor cheated the US government out of millions of dollars in undeclared income from his work for pro Russian politicians, in Ukraine Manafort has pleaded not, guilty to eighteen counts of, Bank and tax fraud his trial is the first. Stemming from this special counsel's investigation of Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen presidential election, Windsor Johnston NPR news The Dow is up sixty, points this, is NPR This is WNYC I'm shumita Basu in New York New York City's department of health has published its, conclusions about what they. Learned from two thousand thirteen measles. Outbreak in Brooklyn the largest outbreak in decades WNYC's Zoe has more an adolescent. Brought home the measles after a trip to London it spread to. Fifty eight people in orthodox Jewish borough park Williamsburg most of those cases, where people who had chosen not, to be vaccinated the outbreak led to one woman having a miscarriage. And. Cost the city, hundreds of thousands of dollars Dr Jane soccer says. Some doctors didn't recognize the, virus which delayed treatment you know in these days doctors don't often see measles rather than in, the past when it was much more, common doctors soccer says in the last few years health department has been educating parents and pediatricians and orthodox Jewish neighborhoods about.

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