The Latest Ebola Outbreak Is Centered in a War Zone


Spiro discusses her new feature night comes out and exploring the links between the multibillion dollar oil boom out west and violent crime against native American communities. This is midday on WNYC. All that is next after the news. Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jim hark at a came a, campaign stop Thursday in Pennsylvania President Trump lashed out at the news media for underplaying his political accomplishments as Bobby Allen of member station WHYY reports. Trump rounded up the usual suspects, Trump is in. Wilkes Barre which, helped, propel him to the White House to back Lou bar ladder for Senate Republican, with hardline views on illegal immigration but Trump spent a large chunk of his speech making swipes at the news media pointing at the TV. Cameras in the back. Of the arena and. Even these people back here these horrible horrendous people Trump said news coverage of a recent meeting with Queen Elizabeth of England was slanted against him but they. Can make anything bad because. They are the fake fake disgusting news Today a report, from the United Nations. Found that Trump's verbal attacks on the media could trigger more violence against journalists for NPR news I'm Bobby. Allen in experience the national. Archives and records administration says it won't be able to finish the review of nearly one million documents regarding supreme court nominee Br Kavanagh's time with George W Bush White, House before October that's creating a potential roadblock GOP hopes to get the confirmation done, before the November midterm election Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley blames. The opposition for requesting too many, documents one of. My researchers said, that, maybe compared to the last five supreme. Court nominees it would be more than, all of them added together Grassley hopes to start confirmation hearings sometime in September Firefighters battling blazes across the western US are getting. Reinforcements from abroad Matt Gillam with Boise state public radio reports fire personnel from Australia and New Zealand are. Expected to land in, Idaho this week top US fire managers requested around one hundred fifty fire specialists from Australia and New Zealand they've assisted and partnered with America for over half a century fire professionals including division supervisors strike team leaders and helicopter. Managers are among those on. The way American fire managers tapped Australia and New Zealand for assistance because fire infrastructure and the two nations is similar to that. Of, the US when international personnel arrived they'll undergo a one day. Orientation at the Boise based National Interagency Fire center before being deployed to wildfires across the, west, firefighting resources, are also being provided by Canada they've sent to air tankers. And a lead plane help battle blazes in the Pacific northwest for NPR news I'm, Matt Gilman Boise heavy rains of prompted authorities to evacuate. Parts of Virginia city in case of dam fails The Lynchburg department of. Emergency services says areas near the college lake dam or being evacuated the national weather service says at this. Time the dam has, not failed and is being closely monitored by emergency personnel for any signs of structural failure This is NPR news The World Health Organization says the latest Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo was in what it calls. An active conflict zone there have been twenty six suspected cases and at least. Twenty, people, have died. NPR's Jason bobbie-ann reports the conflict could slow efforts. To control the outbreak this latest outbreak is in the North Kivu. Province of the DRC it's close to the border with Uganda fighting among militant groups, for control of gold diamond and coltan mines in the province has forced nearly a million. People from, their homes a groups. Say the armed conflict in addition to the large number of displaced people in the area may make. Controlling this outbreak difficult the Congolese health ministry has sent a team of a dozen bowl of specialists to the village where the cluster of. Cases was, first, reported they stress however that this new north kiva outbreak is not. Related to an outbreak the began in April on the other, side of, the country. Jason bobbie-ann NPR news State officials in California vowed to press on with a clean air lawsuit, blasting the Trump administration Thursday for weakening automotive fuel efficiency standards California's attorney general also promised. Another lawsuit if the administration makes. Good on plans to revoke longstanding waiver allowing California and other states to set their own stricter auto. Emission standards at least twelve other states and the district of Columbia follow California's rules I'm mixed day on Wall Street Thursday the s. and. P. five, hundred, index closed up thirteen points the Dow Jones industrial average slipped seven. Points the NASDAQ composite jumped ninety six points I'm Jim Clark, NPR news in Washington Support for NPR comes, from NPR stations other contributors include e. c. m.. C. foundation. Working through improve postsecondary educational outcomes for under. Served students through evidence based innovation learn. More at ease EMC foundation dot org WNYC.

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