Titans OC sees Derrick Henry, Dion Lewis as '1A and 1B'


Game of the season tonight it's the. Hall, of, fame game, between the Chicago Bears in. The Baltimore Ravens that game starting around eight o'clock tonight the New England Patriots they signed receiver Eric decker to a contract today New, England, working decker outback on Monday. The titans they've lost safety, Jonathan Ciprian for the season due, to a torn ACL Tennessee, already looking to backup options at safety Kenny Vaccaro the. Free agent will. Visit with the titans tomorrow Cincinnati Bengals, David least receiver Brandon we'll fell today as well to baseball the bison and afternoon action against Lehigh valley Donna Coca. Cola field the. Her tied at two with, the earn pigs in the seventh inning flat, grow junior. He hit his first double in AAA play is one for two today you can listen, to the game in progress over on ESPN fifteen twenty three after noon games going on in the majors Tampa up four nothing on the. Angels Colorado up to one on, Saint Louis while it's scoreless for, Kansas City and the White Sox in the fourth inning. In that game some other games later tonight including the Yankees and, Red Sox at seven ten..

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