Amazon reports 1.7 million pound UK tax bill due to share deductions


Verified by Affair The MDC has further violence by the army two days, ago six position protesters were killed by soldiers in the capital Harare from. There our. Correspondent Andrew Harding reports Emmerson Mnangagwa said he was humbled by the resultant urge Zimbabweans to unite behind his presidency tweeting that this was a new beginning for the. Country he secured fifty, point eight percent of the vote just enough to avoid a. Runoff but the opposition has questioned the remarkably high turnout and maintains that the election has been. Stolen they've promised to take to the streets in huge numbers, much depends on whether they can prove that the figures are substantially out of step with credible independent. Tallies if not the international community is likely to give the governing Zanu PF the benefit of the doubt the process was seriously flawed and was overshadowed by violence security, crackdown but it was an improvement on previous elections A medical condition sepsis is killing far more people in hospital in England according to official NHL data. Figures given to this program by leading health safety experts Brian Jarman show an increase. Of. More than a third for two years don't just beneath there are several reasons including the growth in resistance to antibiotics his eye health editor coupon sepsis is. A serious complication which, can develop after infections without antibiotics it can result in organ. Failure and death so Brian Jarman says were just over fifteen thousand seven hundred tests recorded add. English hospitals in the two thousand sixteen seventeen year was sepsis, was the main diagnosis that was thirty eight percent increase over the course of two years NHTSA England. Says its efforts to increase recognition mean that cases previously recorded as simple infections are now classified as sepsis professor Jarman argues that might account for some of the increase, but there are other factors which need explain Being the UK sepsis trust says screening Volna Rable patients has improved. But hospital wards which is sometimes full and overstretched staff might. Have been factors in higher numbers of deaths Then you head of the. Armed forces said he will stamp on Boca's claims of misconduct against British, soldiers in his first interview since becoming chief. At the defense staff general cynical Carter told the BBC it was right that sapping and former service personnel were held to account but only if they genuine, need something wrong his defense correspondent Jonathan Beale general Carter that it. Was fundamentally wrong that serving and former British military, personnel were being chased by people making in his words Vic seychas claims that he said would not happen on. His watch you refuse to be drawn on any. Specific example including, that of a seventy six, year old former paratrooper who's currently under investigation for alleged, case of attempted murder the took place in Northern Ireland more than forty five years ago. General Carter, said was right that members of, the armed forces were held to account but he added that people needed to be reminded the British army He, had done an extraordinary and amazing job there for over thirty years Amazon's tax Bill in Britain fell last, year even though it's prophets nearly tripled the online retailer has faced criticism. But the amount of cooperation tanks at pace compared to high street shops Amazon says it pays all the taxes required in the UK dominicano reports the, glimpse into Amazon's tax affairs comes from, the accounts of Amazon UK services which looks after customer. Service and warehouses but not actual sales to customers in two thousand seventeen it had turnover of nearly two billion. Pounds and operating profits nearly tripled, to just short of eighty million pounds the tax liability was four point seven million pounds after it was able, to partially deduct the expense. Of paying staff in shares this cost fifty four million, pounds after deferring, some of the tax Amazon actually paid only one point seven million pounds which will be going for high street retailers, who are struggling to stay afloat because of the rush of shoppers online and Crippling business rates. The latest casualty is house of Fraser which is in, last-ditch talks with bidders after a Chinese risky deal fell through research, suggests regular exposure to even low levels Obama pollution may cause changes to. The heart similar to there is in the early stages of heart failure the study was carried out by the British heart foundation and Queen Mary university, in London John Donaldson reports it's estimated, air pollution is a contributing factor in the deaths of. Around forty thousand people in the UK each year the British heart foundation and Queen Mary university looked at data. From four thousand people most of, them lived outside big cities and in areas where air pollution was below UK government guidelines still it found those, who live near busy roads. Tended to have slightly bigger hearts often an early sign, of heart disease, doctrinaire young is from the university research team the heart tends to get larger one on the undergoes stressful situation we offer I can. See that in people are developing heart,.

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