Loose pants 'improve sperm count'


News finally an answer to the question boxers or. Briefs when. It, comes, to fertility, men may wanna ditch there tidy whitey's Dr Jessica Shannon OBGYN, at cedars Sinai says snug skivvies make sperm count suffer, I usually tell patients that heat is not good for firmer for the testicle. According to a new study men who wear boxer shorts have a twenty five percent higher sperm concentration than those. Who wear briefs, boxer briefs are a little better but in general it's men can just, wear boxers to keep Things loose and. Cool down there that's probably for the best, she says voiding saunas and activities like. Cycling can also boost fertility Monica Rix KFI, news oh man yeah that's bullets boxers. Really loose and, those Bruce retired man and you. Want girls you go briefs your guys you go

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