Jurors give $289 million to a man they say got cancer from Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller


A jury in California has ordered the agrochemical. Firm on Santo to pay two hundred fifty million dollars nearly two hundred million pounds in damages to a. Former school groundskeeper who claims that his, cancer was caused by its weed Killers Monsanto which is owned. By the German pharmaceutical company buyer, faces five, thousand similar, cases it insists products, containing phosphate a safe our correspondent James Cook reports from, Los Angeles Dwayne. Johnson applied Monsanto's roundup and ranger pro have assigns up to thirty times, a year now forty six years old and dying of non Hodgkin's lymphoma he held his. Head in his hands after the judge. Related the jury's verdict glide did present. A substantial danger Monsanto had been negligent in failing to warn users antidote acted with malice sorta pression mister Johnson said he hoped the fight it would bolster thousands of similar cases his lawyer said the company had, acted with reckless disregard for human life. But when Santo which is owned by the German conglomerate buyer says it will appeal insisting its products are vital effective and safe tools for farmers worldwide the science is not certain in two thousand fifteen the World Health Organization Classified life is, eight as probably carcinogenic but both. The US and the EU supported by the UK. Have since reapproved its, usage vice, president of Monsanto, Scott Partridge told us. She had to recent Pathy for mister. Johnson but glyphosate did not cause cancer and its use was approved around. The world this verdict it doesn't change the four plus decades of, of safe use and science behind the product there have been over eight hundred medical. Scientific peer review published studies that establish there is. No link whatsoever between And any adverse health effects much less

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