Exclusive: Tesla's board seeking more information on Musk's financing plan - sources


Top story. This morning the tesla shares of about two percent in late trading that's after slipping about five percent in regular session some news reports have said that Tesla's, board of directors is planning to meet with financial. Advisers next week to formalize the. Process to take the company private Lindbergh's Detroit bureau chief David. Welsh, joins us now on the line David this. Story is moving very quickly now it's getting a little bit bizarre in. A sense musk said that funding was secured but it's not so clear. What do we know about that and should we even know about that Not clear at all and it's not even clear how much funding. Would, need to be in place or. Really what he means by that if you were to, buy out every shareholder and take, it private you're talking about. North of eighty billion dollars at? Least in the seventy billion plus range Current shareholders just decided they were gonna exchange their public shares private Shearson stick with you on stick with. Tesla at a private owner it could be far less it would, be whoever didn't want to do that and opted to take some kind of buy out Said that can be, as little as, twenty billion dollars still a big chunk of change but smaller than buying. Out the entire company so. We don't even know what the plan is we don't know who would go along and so forth Among the five or. So biggest shareholders have we had any indication that. One of them is interested in upping their stake significantly From them So much that they would Prefer to snap really think One dollars a share so selling it for, twenty years Private equity in west penalty About that

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