Jan Nelson -- From Mad Men to #MeToo: Self-Defense and Personal Safety Then and Now

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Welcome to create Asli go where we will venture to places. We've been afraid to go women of the world. We are going to start a movement, a movement towards courage. Hello, everybody. I am. Debbie peach. Oh, your host of Craigslist go. And for many years, I was challenged with social anxiety and being shy and not keeping myself on the sidelines a lot. And so since my fiftieth birthday, I have decided that it all starts with courage and the more we choose courage and follow our hearts by choosing courage, the life of our dreams and a better world for all are truly possible. No matter our age or circumstances. We never need to feel stuck or alone. I'm really excited that all of your out there. I have a very accomplished guests that I'm excited about. Introducing you all to her name is Janet Nelson combining over forty years training. And teaching in the martial arts with her experience in the master social work program at Florida State University. Janet Nelson has developed a unique approach to personal safety awareness that stresses mind, body training, and psychosocial issues. A fourth degree black belt in kung new martial arts sense. They Nelson is an experienced instructor of women men youth, the aged, and the physically challenged. Janet began her martial arts training and Gainesville, Florida in nineteen seventy four training directly under founder Deng no, for over ten years originally from oak park, Illinois. Janet is a nineteen seventy seven graduate of the university of Florida. After beginning her social work career in nineteen seventy eight. She attained her MSW from Florida State University in nineteen Ninety-four credential in the academy of certified social workers by the national association of social workers and as a licensed clinical social worker in the. State of Florida. Her direct practice specialty is mental health services with adolescents, young adults and women as a social worker and psychotherapist. She spent twenty years with at risk, teen girls and young women, seven years at Tallahassee, community college mental health services and five years in private practice tweeting adolescents and adults of all ages. Additionally, Janet is a certified tension and trauma releasing exercises instructor a globally, taught self care body therapy that promotes our bodies ability to open up healing, open up the healing process and Ebeling us to release tension stress and held trauma since nineteen eighty. She has conducted self defense for women seminars and short courses in general, personal safety awareness training too many throughout the state of Florida as well. As national combining her to interest in the early nineties. She created every day, self defense trainings for human service professionals. More recently, she designed online personal safety courses available for c. to license social workers in Kansas and nationally NSA w national everyday. Self defense for social workers is approved by the national association of social workers for continuing education credit in forty six states in two thousand fourteen. She was deemed an expert witness for the federal government agency of occupational safety and health administration in clinical social work, personal safety awareness, workplace violence prevention programs and worker safety skills training. Currently, Janet devotes time to designing and managing online courses and to teach personal safety and wellness instruction. To social health and human service workers across the nation. Janet, Nelson, welcome to courageously. Go. Thank you so much for having me Debbie. It's nice of you to have me. It's great to have you and I don't even know where to begin with you because you you are, you are so accomplished and I've had a recent conversation with you. I know you have a lot going on. So why don't you start off? Why don't we start off with what are you currently most excited about these days? What's going on. Well, you know, when he read when you read my resume,

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