Pope on sex abuse: 'We showed no care for the little ones'


We showed no care for the little ones we abandoned them those the words pope Francis contained a, three page letter today addressing the cover up. Of sexual abuse of children by priests Recently discovered in Pennsylvania the pope also demanded accountability. But Michael Norris former Catholic and board member now of the survivors network of those abused by priests also known as snap says the letter gave no concrete plans of action to tackle the problem we need transparency everybody you know there are there are still priest, inactive ministry in the Catholic faith that. Had been credibly accused of sexual misconduct and people in those Paris's don't know about it another victim reacted to the pope's letter by saying that mere words at this point deepen the insult and the pain for scholars of the Catholic church the question. The pope's letter raises is whether there will be follow through many scholars believe the problem for, the judge one it's been unwilling to change for centuries to get more men to become a priest when you don't. Have enough priest round even in the most. Catholic region on. Earth Latin America home to forty percent of the world's one, point three billion Catholics there in in many countries such as Guatemala the majority of the priests are foreigner and that says professor Andrew chestnut Virginia Commonwealth has created a huge problem for the church one it, doesn't really want to talk about been this kind of unstated. Policy that you know better bad apples in a barrel Apples at all which. Is he says goes to the core of one of the churches tenants the vow of celibacy,

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