North Korea calls talks with Pompeo 'regrettable' after he said 'progress' was made


From abc news michelle franzen rescue teams in thailand could trigger an evacuation plan as early as tonight and say conditions may be the best though have to save twelve boys and their soccer coach from flooded cave they've been trapped there for two weeks abc's mac is near the scene officials say they are getting closer to the point at which they're going to start extracting those tucker players and their coach from the cave they have to do it while they're still in good health and while their oxygen levels are still decent basically they're breathing in seventeen and a half percent oxygen which is basically the oxygen level that you exhale after taking in a breath secretary of state mike pompeo in japan today following talks in north korea this week he told reporters they're making progress to get north korea's leader to dismantle the nuclear program we talked about what the north koreans are continuing to do and how it's the case we can get our arms around achieving what german kim and president trump both agree to which was the complete denuclearization of north korea pompeii oh did not meet with kim this morning a different message coming from north korea south korea's media reporting that north korea's foreign ministry says talks with pompeo were quote regrettable and accuses the us of unilateral demands for denuclearization the june job reports is out showing the nation added more than two hundred thousand jobs abc's david ryan is a new jersey where the president is spending the weekend indicators continue to be in the president's favor as both the tax cut continues to have a ripple effect through the economy and other measures decreasing regulations appear to be having some sort of impact for businesses the white house and says that that's the record that will matter come the midterms in november but there are also a lot of other issues floating in the air and the trump administration is struggling with some of them david wright abc news berkeley heights new jersey the unemployment rate rose slightly to four percent you're listening to abc news six ten wtvn allison wyatt a new report links congressman jim jordan to ohio state university wrestlers who claim that they were sexually assaulted by a team doctor the wall street journal reports that five osu wrestlers now saying that they told jordan about the abuse at the hands of dr richard strauss in nineteen nineties when he was an assistant coach but he reportedly failed to act the our banner republican has denied those claims the ohio man charged with deliberately running down a group of people in charlottesville virginia last summer says he didn't do it twenty one year old james alex fields junior of mommy faces one count of a hate crime that led to the death of a woman and more than two dozen counts of hate crime max involving an attempt to kill feels told the judge he's currently being treated for bipolar disorder anxiety depression and adhd those in a dating relationship need a civil protection order against their significant other can now i'll get one with a new law that has gone into effect the statistics are startling and the mere fact that there are people in the states suffering in violent relationships who cannot get help is frightening legislators like state representative amelia's strong sykes at the akron area have been pushing for house bill one victims of dating violence have been in the shadows and able to access critical to protect them from the violence that destroys relax it is now in effect and allows ohio victims of dating violence to obtain civil protection orders but they must submitted application to get a judge to sign off on it and ohio man has avoided a possible death sentence today by pleading guilty to killing the mother of his ten month old son and abducting the boy and the woman stepmother james ramsay was sentenced to twenty seven years to life in prison after his guilty pleas at least say he broke into the house in delta in march of.

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