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Espn radio sportscenter i'm john brickley here's what's happening now on sportscenter carmelo anthony will be finding a new place of employment next season espn's adrian watson around ski and royce yang reports the thunder and anthony will part ways this summer allowing for okay see to save over one hundred million dollars team showing interest in mellow the rockets heat and the lakers whoa jostle reports the bulls are matching the king's offer a four year seventy eight million for levin which kogyo as forty eight hours to inform sacramento the nets and dwight howard finalize a buyout setting it up for howard assign with the wizards tony parker and the hornets have ran a two year ten million dollar deal on the baseball scoreboard battle of first place teams in the national league in milwaukee braves a five four deficit they're dealing with now in the bottom of the eighth as galore with a three run shot his twentieth of the year for milwaukee sunny gray five earned runs over two innings yankees fall to the blue jays sixty for the red sox going for their sixtieth one of the season facing the royals mookie betts the lead off home run for boston who has a eight q advantage on kc as for joey bats a i in his career wrong waste his first pitch swing and a high fly ball going back this is going to oh grand slam into the second deck in left field hi how safe artiste howie rose seventeen w w r mets walk off on the race nationals with back to back wins mark reynolds with a walk off home run in the three two win over miami for the nationals bogies with the warriors lebron's in the west the competitive balance has tipped but did we ever really want parody will cain show weekdays three eastern on espn radio the espn app he's my metcalf and freddie coleman thanks for joining us on freddie and fitz simons on espn radio sirius xm channel eighty i heart radio and the espn.

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