Man convicted in shooting case now faces charges in killings


The valley freeway as a partially disrobed jumps on a car and wields a knife before he's captured this whole thing unfolded at the busy seventh avenue and interstate seventeen in south phoenix in the late morning hours phoenix please tell us the man is armed with a big knife he's partially disrobed in his jumping up and down on a car sergeant tommy thompson says officers fired non lethal weapons at him they struck him a couple of times he jumped off the car didn't have the total effect other than got him to get off the car he went over to the edge of the freeway and jumped the man lands on the street below please take him to a local hospital to be checked out no injuries to the public or police mark carlson ktar news a man who was convicted of two thousand sixteen incident in which he fired shots at glendale police officer is now charged with killing three people in western arizona the associated press says it's obtained court records indicating that lynch was indicted by a grand jury in thousand seventeen for the triple killing the bodies of seventy eight year old leicester lindsey his seventy five year old wife ella an eighty one year old alice boyd were all found in the pause county just days after lynch with charged with shooting at the officer all of the victims were from washington state ktar is on immigration getting undocumented immigrant kids back with their families arizona representative rogue rehovot says that's why he's going to the south west in tucson today care and attention these children receive able to talk about what that unification process on house southwest ki ay nonprofit is housing these children throughout the southwest gra halbe says there's more than four hundred of these children in the shelters now the phoenix fire department says it's been lucky with heat related incidents this year captain larry suburban says the department is not separate heat related calls from other incidents even so uptick in or call ball you overall we'll be getting from what the rules are reporting he says that may change soon we've been pretty fortunate typically takes a couple of days before we start seeing if that trend is really taken off suburban says most crew reports right now involves a homeless kathy klein ktar news let's get a check on traffic here's bradley jay in the valley chevy dealers traffic center well actually we're down to a.

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