Proposed ‘buddy dive’ plan to rescue boys in Thai cave could launch this weekend


Thailand officials in charge of rescuing twelve boys and their soccer coach from a cave say good weather and falling water levels inside the cave have created the best conditions they may get for an evacuation attempt rescuers say the boys are not ready to dive out yet but an attempt will be made of heavy rains threatened to flood the cave abc's matt gutman is on scene with more document that we've seen basically says that they're going to take them out in buddy teams essentially hauled out by very experienced divers will monitor their oxygen their buoyancy either level in the water and obviously their progress towards the mouth of the cave but it won't be quick and it won't be easy the boys have also written letters to family members giving us a glimpse of conditions inside sally lockwood with our partners at sky news with navy seals taking good care of us another says i'm fine but the weather is a little bit cold worry about me forget to celebrate my birthday oxygen levels in the cave continue to diminish in that chamber where they've been trap for twelve days secretary of state mike pompeo in japan after his north korea trip and commenting on talks with officials on implementing the denuclearization agreement signed by president trump and kim jong un last month these are complicated issues but we made progress on almost all of the central issues some places a great deal of progress other place there's still more work to be done oh told reporters further talks will take place as soon as next week the trump administration faced with a federal judges deadline is asking for more time to reunite the youngest migrant children separated from their parents at the border the judge ordered that the government provide the names of children five and under by the end of today in california hundreds of residency evacuated in santa barbara county where the holiday fire is moving through a residential area of galeta and approaching the city's downtown you're listening to abc news news radio six ten wtvn allison wyatt va centers across.

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