Jerry Jones says an 18-game NFL season would be better for players' health


Of. Previously we were talking about the preseason and maybe cutting that down and changing and adding games of the regular season in the NFL because Jerry Jones talked about that earlier today on a radio station in. Dallas I'm not for. That I think adding to the regular season stupid if anything add to the, playoffs but the regular. Seasons. Perfect the way it. Is I have been. Since We are talking college football along with the NFL tonight the constable has, no preseason right they. Kind. Of they have their. Scrimmages against each other Half. The team plays the other. Half by the ones that kind of stuff right so I have, a there's a there's an origins podcast out there it's called the origins podcast they've been going into a deep dive into what makes Alabama, successful and what makes Nick Sabin in his prospects process. Successful interviews with bear Jones and Greg McElroy and saving himself and all this and Alabama. The ones practice against the ones in pads every day. Now I know you can't, do? That in the NFL because of labor laws or whatever What are. You, frowning upon labor laws I'm just saying it's your job to your job every day I'm just saying collective bargaining agreement whatever do your job So In, college they wear pads and practice top guys against top. Guys every single day, go. Preseason we're ready to roll every week is a playoff week at you can't tell me that if Alabama loses to Louisville on Saturday night that their season's over it's almost, over they might still make the. Playoffs but if how about, this if Washington loses to, Auburn Saturday, afternoon Washington season is, over they will not make the. Playoff, yeah I I can guarantee that that's for. Sure. Okay surgery for some teams every week is. Apply that's what make college. Football. Great but my point is that they don't have, preseason they make it work so you don't just. Need you don't need to just substitute games with meaningful. Games don't add to the regular season in the. NFL there's no need for. It you could take away two preseason. Games would you as a season ticket holder pay the difference if they just got rid of two games and they added like five bucks to each because now you're just throwing it down the. Drain you're not even attending these. Games you're Not going to the preseason so if the. Regular season games are a little bit more expensive but. You didn't have to coding co pay for the. Preseason that's fine I think. That's a fair trade would you even. Notice it if the I mean obviously you'd notice if they added ten bucks each ticket but if that offset the overall cost is the same what does it matter it doesn't you don't go. To the games anyway it doesn't. Matter So what difference? Does it. Make I agree but the owners would. Never agree upon All the other things those,

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