Mel B clarifies she's not an alcoholic or sex addict but is still planning to get treatment for PTSD


Let's do a couple minutes on Melby. She saying now PTSD which suggests trauma. She's had some alcoholism? In there and now sex addiction she's gone for some form of treatment I I'm hoping it would be. A way for awhile, it sounds like even the constellation. Problems what are you saying there is a treatment center in, the UK that I know is, popular, for people to go to the, I don't recall it but it is a hospital, setting so, she sounds like. She, talked. About alcohol and sex addiction, but then, backpedals out and said really this is post traumatic stress disorder and you know likely at the root of all you know addiction is trauma yeah PTSD's anxiety disorder exactly it it's a consequence of drama. There is that something, clinic there in London I forget. The name of it but friends of mine have gone to, observe their treatment of alcoholism I, must, tell you this prehistoric and so, yeah though they claim great expertise they're not so, great and, in fact yelp? Reviews The fact that they're pushing her. Back towards. Trauma at this stage sort of. Misses the point yes dramas areas traumatized. Of but first you got to, treat the alcoholism and address this accident

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