Texas Surgeon Found Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Patients


A Dallas county jury convicts pleasant grove man of murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend KRLD's l. p. Phillip says the sentencing hearing could. Put him away for life it took about ninety minutes for the. Jury defined Fossino Valdez guilty of murdering Mirasol Espinosa a few days after Christmas in two thousand fifteen he admitted to throwing her body off the dowdy ferry bridge Espinosa a mother of three was reported missing when she didn't show. For work at the hair salon at north park center Valdez, took part in. The search at the time claiming it was odd. For his ex girlfriend, is simply vanished so into this It was only after Valdez fled to Mexico a few days later that. Aspen hoses body, was found Valdez, would later claim her death was an accident and that he made poor. Decisions getting rid of her body the penalty range for the charges five years. To life LP Phillips News Radio ten eighty KRLD a punishment hearing underway in McKinney after a jury convicts orthopedic surgeon Donald ozone MBA of. Aggravated sexual assault he molested an elderly patient during a treatment three. Other women testified ozone NBA did the same thing to them the jury did not believe the defense's claim that Zimba suffers from a hand disease and that his fingers just went astray during the treatments ozone NBA faces up to. Life in prison The family of a man killed in a Mansfield home invasion and the victim who survived, sue an Arlington rapper accused in the murder taymor Trayvon mcintyre's rapper, name is take forty seven he's. Among seven people charged in the fatal shooting. Of Ethan Walker and the wounding of his roommate and awaits trial in Tarrant county jail the surviving victim and Walker's parents have filed a lawsuit accusing take of using. A crime spree to boost his, music career and hiding. Money from a, record, deal to keep it out of his victims hands the plaintiffs seek one million dollars, in damages, some take as associates have. Already been convicted in the Mansfield murder one, has made a plea, deal to testify against the others take also..

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