Kentucky Drug Overdose Deaths up 11.5 Percent in 2017


Sad, you're just like man I mean Paul Dougherty the, other day doc on basically said do you care Bengals season starting the worst thing that you can say is I don't care I. Think is worse I think you gotta go in with some. Degree of optimism you have. To be realistic you have to know that they're certain things that are never going to change with the franchise and. This and that but I think, as I've said you've could look at some of the potential positives and get a degree. Of optimism Lisa's how do I think it sucks especially doing. This every day if I gotta go, in, with like oh it's going to be terrible incident that. That's no good I. Can't do it it's not good. For my life seven four nine seven thousand. Eight hundred pounds seven hundred on AT and t. your thoughts on the, season coming up Sheila. Your first step what? Are you thinking my take on the Bengals I I'm going to go at thirteen and three this year thirty three. Thirteen, and thirty Andy Dalton all run run and more touchdown and he's ever had. In a season Well what was? A two thousand fifteen was the stats in front of me that was arguably his his best season he played very. Well, and, look a lot of last year, he was looking at getting killed right And so he was gun shy and look everyone knows it's no secret he's not a guy that's going to lift the rest of, the team on his shoulders and succeed in, spite of them he needs a lot of things working well and when a lot when the lines going well. Providing them time and there's a. Lot of weapons around him he can be a sufficient quarterback and I hope. That happens this year absolutely but I I. Think Marvin Lewis I think he's mingle tied Jonathan Marvin Lewis came in and it was like he was just. Bingo-type any control or his at all All right well Sheila the thirteen and three I got about Some money up I'll bet you. On that. One a Greg How. Are you, feeling, about the Bengals I feel pretty good about I mean there's you know what they showed, a lot of promise last year they make some great mood and then. We got the offensive line coach. From Dallas Greg I'm, sorry to. Interrupt, you but. The point you. Just made the offensive line coach there's people around. That team that are saying they tell me this. Was the best free agent acquisition they had. This whole forget the players. Forget cordy Glenn forget okay Billy price. That's all good but this is the most impactful off season, change this club is made and I couldn't agree more I was never a fan of. Of Alexander I thought he was he? He didn't teach the things. The mentality, I, believe that you? Need to be a great offensive. Line which, is to nasty and firing, out and coming off the ball and taking the fight He was. More of an occupy college kind of way of. Blocking and by all accounts this dude is. The real deal hopefully hopefully. It works out so your thoughts seven. Four nine seven thousand eight hundred the big one pound seven, hundred on AT and t. while we check in the newsroom seven hundred w l w News traffic and weather News Radio seven hundred w ELL jelly Cincinnati Asking questions about the. Meeting, in Helsinki with the five thirty reports I'm Jack crumley breaking now there's a, narrative that is developed, that somehow President Trump is weak on Russia and when in fact the secretary, of state Mike Pompeo testifying to the Senate Foreign Relations committee today answering questions about President. Trump's private meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki chairman of the committee Bob corker criticized the president for holding. A summit with Putin who's accused of, hostile actions around the world we've heard that some agreements were. Reached but as of yet have little idea what those might be even though the president has already extended an, invitation to Putin to come to Washington to discuss the implementation quote, quote of these undefined agreements word from the White House this afternoon that Putin visit. To, Washington is now apparently been pushed back to sometime next year meantime NBC news is reporting that both the transcript and the video archived by the US government of the, president's news conference with Vladimir, Putin, in Helsinki have edited a, reporter Asking Putin if he wanted Trump to win the election Putin answered yes Now, the latest traffic and weather together from the UCLA traffic center UC. Health providing our region with. The most advanced treatments for brain and spine big time backup right now southbound four seventy one is heavy from the Big Mac all. The way down to two seventy five eastbound two seventy five in Kentucky, you're backed up from. Kellogg across the bridge back beyond. Turkey foot northbound, seventy five in Kentucky also heavy through Florence and Erlanger typical slow spots north and south seventy five eastbound and westbound. To seventy five across the top at seventy. One heavy in both directions and that continues heavy eastbound towards wards corner I'm, rob Williams NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w latest forecast from the News. Radio seven hundred wwl w weather center. And I heart radio station tonight mostly. Clear low of sixty three tomorrow mostly sunny a high of eighty-seven Friday. Mostly sunny a chance of showers before noon, a high of eighty three that's the forecast from your severe weather. Station News Radio seven hundred WW radar shows clear skies, it's eighty nine degrees news is a service of advanced dentistry and. Carry automotive dot com Cincinnati. Police say they have a fifteen year old in custody, facing multiple charges including rape and kidnapping the teen allegedly forced women into cars. At gunpoint in rose lawn last week meantime no more suspension for a local police officer facing. Charges accused of soliciting a minor. Between the ages of thirteen and fifteen for sex Coleraine township trustees have voted to fire officer Robert Brinkmann he's facing charges of import. Tuning and contributing to the unruliness or delinquency. Of a minor break bent had been with the department since twenty thirteen he's, expected to be in court on August first Melissa neeley NewsRadio seven. Hundred wwl w and drug overdose deaths. In Kentucky are increasing despite a drop. In opioid prescriptions and heroin use the Kentucky office of drug control policy. Says more than fifteen hundred people died from OD's last year that is up more, than eleven percent from the year before. Deaths attributed. To heroin though have declined a majority of the overdose deaths in two thousand. Seventeen caused my fennel News Radio seven hundred wwl sports here's a reds update, it was reds knocking. Off the cardinals this afternoon three Cincinnati taking two or three in the series. That, GAPP a warez Adam Duvall and Tucker Barnhart homered the. East-leading Philadelphia Phillies invade great American ballpark starting tomorrow night the first of four. Up against the reds where the action right, here on. Seven hundred wwl w Bengals.

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