Philadelphia to stop giving ICE access to arrest database, mayor says


Your, Mercedes Benz dealer in doylestown well one of those big showers you spoke of is really pounding. Route fifty five in south jersey now we're getting reports now several members of the AT and, t., tip force at two one five seven twenty four ten sixty fifty five. Southbound absolutely crawling near route forty we'd see delays, in both directions right around forty just south. Of forty in the Vineland area so if you're heading to the southern shore point at something you're going, to have to deal with now if you're trying to, get to the shore. At all you're looking at forty two backup starts at ferry avenue and candidate continues to one sixty eight then slow again from College drive getting onto the Atlantic City. Expressway also heavy on forty-seven through Dennis bell and we're seeing big delays on seventy three through maple shade as well and now we're seeing got a couple of calls on a big delay on. One thirty both directions near the Betsy Ross bridge there's a new traffic pattern there all right back to Pennsylvania where we're jammed on the Schuylkill, expressway really both directions from south Philadelphia king of Prussia about a fifteen minute ride each way on ninety, five southbound heavy from bridge street. Down, to Gerard jammed again from the airport to three twenty two northbound from the Delaware state line. To the Commodore Barry which is jammed heading into Pennsylvania I should tell you that from about, mid, span it looks there's because of volume now lots of volume of the. Blue route southbound heavy from Saint David all the, way down the ninety five and still some. Delays on the ramp from route one southbound trying to get on the southbound blue route as well now, looking pretty good with mass transit at this hour no, major delays next update. Less than ten minutes I'm Brian Ramona the TruMark financial twenty four hour traffic center you Brian News time four oh four it's a victory to the, city's immigrant community mayor Kenney will not. Renew the city's agreement with US. Immigration and customs enforcement allows ice access to the police departments arrest, database parse from city hall St., Talavera county says he's been concerned for some. Time now that is uses pars in an appropriate ways amid July meeting with ice officials may have ice the city's decision admitted that their USA pars during ice enforcement operations can, result in immigration enforcement against Philadelphia. Residents who have not been accused of nor convicted, of a crime city solicitor Marshall. Pratt, says they had a strong factual and legal basis stadia safer healthier, and more inviting when are law abiding residents including witnesses and victims of crimes need not fear that they will suffer adverse immigration consequences when seeking to report. Crimes Mariam Rica's says the Kennedy administration remains committed to, maintaining Philadelphia as. A welcoming, city decision that will. Once again reinforced to our immigrant communities that this city is. Not an Extension of ice Steve, Taiwa KYW. NewsRadio American Civil Liberties union taking twelfth New Jersey school district's court including three from Camden Kelly the agency content state law being violated in the way the districts require students to be signed up. From. David Madden mistake constitution mandates a free public education. For all but the ACLU argues these twelve districts. Require parents to produce state issued ID card which. Illegal immigrants won't have staff attorney Elila who works his says the agency's done this before want to have to litigate this but we are prepared to do so and back in. Two thousand sixteen each of the five lawsuits that we filed settled within a, leak, and because a lot of clear we hope, that that happens again this time disturbing regional high schools named in the suit along with. Del mar in Winslow township. School districts and nine others in the northern part of the state sterling regional has not responded to our call while the attorney for Winslow township in Belmar has declined comment David Madden, KYW NewsRadio a lawyer for Bristol man charged with. Shooting a nineteen year old in may says they're prepared to, argue the, shooting with self defense with the story suburban bureau chief Jim Melwert Gary Goddard's facing, attempted murder charges for shooting, this is Sean mcduffie, and, ahead on may fourth is lawyer Blake Jackman says on the night in question is clients all six foot four inch three hundred thirty pound nineteen year old on top. Of his son beating, him the defense in this case is that Mr. Goddard is, not a criminal but a concerned father who was protecting. His son got hurdles in court for a bail hearing it was originally, charged with mcdonagh's murder but an autopsy showed the fatal shot was fired by another man and the charge was changed to attempted murder John. Rubinstein set bail at one million, dollars pointing out whether or not, he killed mcduffie a gunshot to the head shows Goddard intended to kill him it happened as friends and family gathered for prompt pictures mcduffie and Tommy Ballard were. Both shot and killed Joseph Williams is charged with both of their murders in doylestown Jim Melwert KYW NewsRadio Time seven Live from the CBS three eyewitness weather center meteorologist. Kate Bilo. Thanks, Michelle well we've got some pretty ugly storms heading. Our way they're just spotty for now out ahead of the main line. Of storms a few scattered ones have popped up one over extreme south jersey over. Cumberland county one up in the. Lehigh valley the rest of us just seeing a few lights spotty sprinkles, for now but the stronger storms will come through, later tonight especially between about eight and. Ten pm a severe thunderstorm watch has been issued that goes until ten. O'clock tonight also a flash flood watch for areas off to the west areas that got a lot of rain earlier in the week that could see flooding be exacerbated by any. Intense rainfall and, in fact a flash flood warning just popped up in. Berks county so tonight mostly cloudy thunderstorms around some strong to severe low. Seventy two the good news is behind. The front we're going to see humidity. Drop tomorrow, mostly sunny not. As humid high eighty nine Sunday. Looks good mostly sunny and nice at eighty six. On Monday Partly sunny with a, few afternoon showers and storms possible high, eighty seven but then more active Tuesday and Wednesday Both days are mainly cloudy with chances for showers and thunderstorms and highs in the.

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