American Airlines cuts 2018 profit outlook on higher fuel costs


Baskin Robbins as well as the Donut chain posted quarterly profits that topped Wall. Street forecast does Dunkin donuts comparable store sales rose one point four percent even as Baskin Robbins saw decline of four tenths during the quarter it. Added sixty four new. Dunkin donuts locations in the US higher fuel costs weighed on American. Airlines in the second quarter but the carrier still. Beat Wall Street. Forecasts Bloomberg's John Tucker has the story American Airlines says second quarter profit plunged thirty four and a half, percent, at reducing, the forecast for year earnings the world's biggest airline expects to spend about two billion dollars more on fuel than it did last year CEO Doug Parker call the second. Quarter perhaps Americans Most, challenging since it's. December twenty thirteen merger with US Airways besides higher fuel Americans. Revenue is not growing as fast as its major competitors still earnings came, in four cents a share higher than the average analysts estimate, John, Tucker Bloomberg radio it has. Been a struggle lately but under armor maybe turning things. Around especially in North America in the latest quarter the Baltimore-based athletic, apparel maker, reported revenue. That beat, estimates as, North American sales grew for the first time in a year North. America accounts for about three quarters of Under Armour's overall sales but the company also saw twenty eight percent growth in its, international business Royal Dutch Shell will start at. Twenty, five billion dollars share buyback. Plan the announcement, came after the, Dutch energy company posted second quarter earnings that were a full billion dollars less. Than analysts estimates shell also reported that operating expenses rose and the trading results were lower we talked to shell CEO I think four point seven. Billion dollars I consider that a very solid results if. You decompose with a little bit look at integrated gas up with effect to compared to the same quarter last year are upstream business up. With affect a four capacity the same quarter last year Dunphy business more than thirty percent. Down that, is very much linked to a, very difficult refining, environment very difficult trading, environment ashville coming up a look at Mike, Pompeo's appearance before congress, I'm Pat Carroll this is Bloomberg listen as.

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