Malcolm Butler refuses to be defined by his Super Bowl moments


To the Doug Gottlieb show Everywhere we go last Multiple months ago now look at my personal perspective in the Malcolm Butler thing is. Some of the comments I actually think more of dollar checks. More of the patriot then before the Malcolm Butler call he saying is everything that I. Did on Super Bowl Sunday was give us the best If you don't if you don't agree with. That that's fine I've been to Hey you think that this is going, to affect the patriots because fans want, and there's the assumption that players want if this is the worst thing it's this is the one question title actually think it's the one question, for you think this is the, one question. For the patriots Godly that's, insane weekdays at three pm eastern noon Pacific on Fox Sports radio dining off during the. Civil war it was called soldier's heart after World War Two they call it gross stress. Reaction it's been called shell shock war neurosis and battle fatigue today, we call it post traumatic stress disorder and it affects one out. Of every five warriors returning from battle in Iraq and Afghanistan not a wound that you can see though it can, have an even more significant impact post. Traumatic, stress disorder can prevent warriors from living.

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