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And Tucson's so obviously touched a lot of lives and many of them here to say goodbye today reporting live in plano often York NewsRadio ten thirty, two here KRLD the White House says it's on track to meet. That deadline to, reunite parents and children, separated when they crossed the border. Illegally more than sixteen hundred, parents have, been cleared to be reunited. With their. Children but more than four hundred sixty parents may, have already been deported parents waved reunification but the ACLU says some were pressured into signing papers they didn't understand homeland security, secretary, Kirsten Nielsen till. Democratic Hispanic lawmakers last night the government was on track to meet the deadline but lawmakers didn't believe her keys Reporting in Greece relatives, head to, the morgue they're searching for. Their loved. Ones people are still being rescued for victims of, one of the country's worse fires Confrontation, between, Greek defense minister Panos. Commando sand angry survivors in the. Burned-out town of Mati devastated by the rampaging fires that killed more than. Eighty Left us alone there was no plan. No protection shouts. One survivor, put the, defense minister blames the residence for illegally building homes between wooded areas in a way that blocked escape routes arson is. Suspected Larry Miller CBS news CBS news update southern California firefighters face high. Heat as they battle a wildfire that officials say was deliberately set CBS's Jamie Yuccas says a man thirty two years old named, Brandon MC lover and he responded by number of people actually intentionally lighting according to California fire. A small fires on the side of. The road the fire spread over seven square miles. And forced the evacuation of the entire town of Idyllwild as we start having. Those rising temperatures there is the potential that more fire could start these embers could draft in terms of some wind in the. Area light breeze I so they're going to have to watch, all that before they let people back the east flooding woes persist in many communities after days of Heavy rain this man lives in Pennsylvania near, a creek it's. Now more like a, river I was. Surprised how. Quick the creek came up and I'm just hoping it goes down enough to absorb the next storm that's coming in. CBS news update. I'm Steve, Kathan meantime, out west there's an arrest with because of a fire near the San Bernardino national forest forced the evacuation of an. Entire town area of the Cranston fire in southern California is a very. Popular summer destination lots of camps for kids horseback riding that type of thing and so this is really put a damper on, the quote unquote fine whereas you Cindy is truly an international destination and as of yesterday most. People in the tourist areas had to. Be evacuated by Nunes Jimmy Yukos to fired cops. In New Orleans could be charged with hate crimes George Gomez says he was. In. New Orleans bar wearing his army fatigue when police officers approached him and questioned his nationality via still pending that was not on American citizens With a fake American details the New. Orleans advocate he explained to the officers he served in the United States army but he says didn't stop the two off duty cops from waiting outside the bar and, beating him so badly. He was hospitalized the FBI is working with the New Orleans, police, public. Integrity bureau to determine if this was a..

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