North Korea hands over remains of Korean War soldiers to U.S.


Welcome back Todd Jeffries and Don prior this is, a freaky fund Friday and you know what that means. Freakiness will happen will happen it'll be fun when the freakiness happened and it's Friday there you go okay, thanks for clarifying that, so many things to get to this morning in leaders listing, as we get started with the top stories of the day please throughout this morning be thinking of, a new name for the city of Austin why why we're gonna have to change the name of Austin Texas we're going to explain this a little, bit later but Tall order well it's it's a very, tall, order, I, just. Need you to be thinking. About this because this is. Something that is going to be happening in the very near future the equity office of Austin recommended the city remove or, change the names, of, streets. Parks markers in even the name. Austin Texas we gotta get rid of these racist names these. Are all names tied to. The confederacy at some, point just about every park just about every street and now the city. Is getting a recommendation, to change. The, name so just, just, be thinking about. This make your list of what, we should change the name of. The city of Oslo you're. Setting up a joke and there'd be a punchline later. No no no. No, this is a real. Story this is something that's real the Austin monitor is reporting that the equity office of Austin is recommending the city remover, changed the names of, streets parts even the word Austin Texas so be thinking about. Big? Deal we're getting rid of racism in one fell swoop, right. Here 537 here all the time Don show and, decades After their deaths US soldiers are now on their way. Home North Korea released the probable remains of troops who fought during the Korean war, President, Trump says this is the, result, of. That meeting he had with the North Korean. Leader not too long ago a somber ceremony at Osan airbase, in South Korea Friday morning one by one. The remains of US soldiers were handed over fifty five cases in. All this ceremony occurring on the anniversary, of the signing of the armistice that ended hostilities in the Korean war this return. Is one of the commitments North Korean leader Kim Jong Hoon, agreed, to, when, he. And President Trump met last. Month in Singapore now I. Have a great relationship I think I think with chairman Kim and I think a lot of good things are going to, happen while Mr., Trump, trumpeted. Positive things about Pyongyang for nine. Months no nuclear tests no rockets going up no missiles going over Japan we got three. Hostages back vice president Mike Pence, remains reserved there, is no escaping the, plain fact that North Korea's. Leadership has exacted unparalleled probation and cruelty Upon its, people for decades time, will tell what will happen with the relationship between the US and. North Korea but for, now the White House says it's encouraged. By North Korea's actions and the momentum for. Positive, change it could take months maybe years before the remains are identified a formal repatriation ceremony is scheduled for August first I'm John Lawrence report by thirty nine. President Trump's most ardent Republican allies in. The house want to force a vote on. Articles of impeachment against, deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein speaker of the house Paul Ryan doesn't think it's, a good idea This, could upset well tie up the Senate. Which is already working on spending bills and supreme, court nominations and now the push could be a moot point however as the house is set to go on its August recess and clear of house leaders will. Allow a vote but conservative freedom caucus, members are targeting deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein with articles of impeachment if there ever divorce the Justice. Department to release all documents related to the Russia and Trump campaign investigations we're not about interfering with the Muller investigation what we're about is doing. Proper oversight and, transparency that's Republican Mark, meadows for his part Rosenstein counters the Justice department has turned over. Thousands of documents but, he's reluctant to give congress evidence in. An ongoing investigation Russian effort to influence the. Two, thousand sixteen presidential campaign is just one tree in a growing forest one author of the articles of impeachment Jim Jordan of Ohio wants to be Paul Ryan's. Replacement come January Jordan's aspiration is emblematic. Of contempt freedom caucus members have for Ryan For his part the current speaker does not. Want the house to get bogged down on impeaching the deputy. Attorney general I don't think we should be. Cavalier with this process or with this term to I don't think that this rises the level of high crimes and misdemeanors so really high, standard backing majority leader Kevin McCarthy to be the. Next, speaker Ryan also says he Rosenstein impeached the house it'll tie up the Senate already tied up with a supreme, court nomination and the need to pass separate spending. Bills Meanwhile President Trump at a round table discussion in Iowa China's doing a little number they want to attack the the farm belt because they. Know those the farmers love me they voted. For me we want every one of the state's estate where, farmers are feeling the pinch of the. Trade wars retaliatory tariffs on agricultural products I awoke, GOP congressman David Young staying back here in Washington is worried about what the tariffs mean to his reelection chances and he's one GOP house member who won't support. The impeachment resolutions against deputy attorney general, rod Rosenstein impeachments a big deal back home as well a lot of people aren't talking about this. The seems to be more of Inside, baseball kind of issue that's. Popped up here before we go into our August work break the house is now off. On August recess and. The articles of impeachment against rod Rosenstein are now in limbo Bob Costantini Washington it is five forty, one Eric church speaks out. Against the NRA as, we hear, from FOX reporter Michelle Pollino Eric church told Rolling Stone the NRA's to blame for the mass shooting that occurred in October two thousand seventeen church said I'm a second amendment. Guy but they've been a bit of a roadblock I don't. Care who you are you shouldn't have that. Kind of power over elected officials One of the performers at the festival two nights before the. Gunman killed fifty eight. People and injured hundreds more even though he wasn't, there at the event did change his views on gun too. Little saying I saw video in YouTube from the police officers best candidate sounded like an army was up there I don't think our forefathers ever thought the. Right to bear arms, was that Michelle Pollino Fox News the deadline to reunite all family separated at the border is as well yesterday but attorneys for those families say there's still a lot of. Confusion in this process and health and human, services says more than eighteen hundred kids have been discharged from their. Custody of, those, over fourteen hundred were reunited. The others were released for a variety of reasons but more than seven, hundred are, considered in eligible for reunification some parents waved reunification and more than four hundred and fifty were deported not with ice says, those parents have the opportunity, to take their kids with them once your. Children here they're generally not going. To want to give up the opportunity to have that Childhood meeting in the country which is why, they frequently declined to have that childhood with them the ACLU attorneys are skeptical, they see some parents signed forms waving, reunification didn't really know.

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