EU might force Apple to ditch Lightning connector in favour of USB


Investment but some ice hockey here in the heat artist. In a moment the, Bloomberg, NJIT, stem report always brought to you, by, New Jersey institute of technology of the NJIT maker space and you rapid prototyping, design and innovation lab where companies collaborate with students and faculty. Learn more at NJIT dot EDU here's baboon good morning Tom Jonathan here's what's making news in science technology engineering. And math China is already threatened by escalating US taxes on its goods and he's about to find it much harder to invest in US companies want to. Buy American technology in such cutting edge areas as robotics artificial intelligence and, virtual reality President Donald Trump is. Widely expected as early as. This week to sign Deflation to tighten the US government scrutiny of foreign investments and exports of sensitive, technology law which congress passed in, a rare, show of unity. Among Republicans and Democrats doesn't single, out, China but, there's no doubt the intended target is Beijing the Trump administration has. Accused China of using predatory tactics to steal American technology excuse me but do you happen to have a cell phone charger that I could borrow one that actually fits my phone back in two thousand nine apple Samsung and other. Phone makers signed onto, a, memorandum, of understanding voluntarily standardizing on the, micro, USB connector although the fine print let apple maintain its proprietary lightning connector apple, collects royalties for those using its technology now there's word that. European Union regulators maybe ready to force the issue the website ars Technica reports the EU is looking into a. Legal mandate to push standard phone charger connectors and possibly prohibit nonstandard The rule would be aimed, at reducing the amount. Of electronic waste created by chargers that can't be recycled that's the Bloomberg NJIT stem report Tom Jonathan Bob moon, thank you so much fun things you need to know to start your day brought to you, by interactive brokers rated number one best online broker. Two thousand eighteen atop online broker for the eighth consecutive year by Barron's visit. Ibkr k.. R. dot com slash IB to learn more John I was just last night was the most interesting political night since the election Ohio it was, fascinating, to see the county by county by county returns commend so Kevin cirilli informed me that this, Ohio house district has, been dominated by Republicans it's nine hundred ninety two yeah I did not know that. So it's been a long time and now you've got a wafer thin. Margin regardless of who you know urban rat like any other just wrapped around Columbus and then there's suburban and then there's rural And you know rural big pro-trump urban big pro Democrats and it was, the suburban vote which which will be the study over the next coming weeks and I, don't have any idea how that study will come out Mike Allen featuring axios this morning so does this make the midterms a. Lot more interesting yes yeah I, would, I, guess we. Knew that before but, now we really know with a vengeance tesla I loved your covenant Saudi Arabia I I agree it's a, big deal yet. Isn't is going to be difficult I think this is the most polarizing company on the planet whichever side you sit on this by Sal. Barish bullish that headline from the financial times yesterday's rally started and what got, the. Rally started with the following headline the f. t. reporting that the Saudi. Wealth fund is set to have a three to five percent stake in tesla that's. Long-term money while fund money. Is, not going to pay on. A dime and quite clearly as a hedge away from the energy story in Saudi Arabia and you mentioned this long term and if tests that does need, funding at some point, it's got what kind Big. Names in the bigs two to lean on when is your life destroyed I mean one, twenty eight seventy two Luckily I'm funded in dollars I Some I'm okay so? You, always buy during some London yes it's my job when. I got back onto the. Pumped With capable. Where it is south of one thirty with euro-sterling north of north we Pence in your. Hugely qualified to answer this where does the pain come in for. The average, person. In England. Is at one twenty six is at? One, twenty years studying is so much more important you're stunning We're given given the fact that the bulk large chunk of trade between the United Kingdom in. Europe is where it's. At your sterling moving past ninety pen significant three days on the move here today is not huge. But the move since we sort of bottomed out in April I think we've had a vicious move over the last couple of months is. Exonerated in last couple of weeks and curiously it's. Accelerated the weakness has accelerated at a time that governor Connie's height interest rates and come. Fascinated about it pay for a chunnel ticket in euros or sterling. Do either Yeah I took his check was very high I took the channel. Thing that was very very on the tunnel, I can't imagine? You want. To train happy was the state it was, can we tell our? Listeners, about this morning the Tom Kane Kane Did the first forty minutes, of the show standing up. Because he came into the studio at someone, had moved the seat When you walked into the studio you stood up muttering under your breath and I didn't know what was going on And I said I? Said what's wrong he said someone stole my It's? You gotta, gotta get the Goes down Can I tell you what you think productivity dropped by in the last thirty minutes is the whole of bloombergradio. Ran around the office configured share right now is a great The.

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