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I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully. Hello and welcome to the spoilt Milt movie podcast hair spoilt milk. We like to discuss destroy and dissect guilty pleasure movies and decide whether they're truly spoilt milk or if they ascended into fine, looks Yoris cheese. So without further ado, we go. Warning who's podcast is full of spoilers for the title feature on this body language from the start. If you've never seen the film or your fended by Bob language, you hop him warrant. Hello, and welcome to a very special one off episode of the spoilt milk movie podcast of late. We've had a bit of a change in the structure to the way that things work at spoilt milk. And that's due to silly old me cham- getting married. So I've been preparing for a wedding actually having a wedding, and I'm going off on my jollies on my honeymoon. So they last episode was the Hobo and Cutty talking about some recent trailers I folk in loved the episode. All laughing might itself. This time I'm going to use a wedding theme and I'm gonna go through my top ten wedding scenes from films. So in number ten, it was a close toss, oh, between the godfather and another film, but I actually went for deer hunter, the Michael cheeky. No film won't five Oscars including best pitcher. And this is a Vietnam film from the seventies. Deer hunt is a really long film goes on for nearly three hours believe and the first hour is all set in a wedding. Really great seen rarely jokes deposes the violence on the trauma that's going to come later in the film by having a huge one hour celebration of the marriage of the what you believe to be the protagonist, but we ought to find out dinner. We'll take over the film. This film is amazing. It's an absolute classic and is one of my favorites. But I actually would like to just talk about the scene in the bar where deniro Christopher Walken meet the green beret character. So there's a green beret the bar, and he's just having a drink on his own and deniro Walkin and to the bar, and they're very cocky, very brash show in things like put me where they are chin is I wanna see the wall, they're on their way to the wall, and this Beres very silently drinking to himself. The approach him by Madrid. Ink talk about? Yeah. What's the wall like? Tell some stories, and he just replies with fuck it and deniro gets very Robert in air on this one starts together. It more intimidate in what you mean folk it. The Barry sits doesn't really say anything more day narrows kicking off somebody's pulling him back, leave it, leave it. Fuck it. Foco Foco and he goes no by you. Another drink and the guy says, fuck it. Not only is seen an absolute masterclass in acting from deniro ee. Absolutely. Outshines walking in the Centaur film. But it really gives you that sense early on that this isn't going to be a fun film. It's not gonna be a war film set to a poppy soundtrack where everything's Rosie, and maybe you see some guns and so much. And this is going to be a gritty t war film. That just says, fuck it. Number nine, his first appearance of an animated film and it's picks up. So it's not as much about just a wedding scene in general as opening sequence if you've ever seen. Nope. You'll know what I'm talking about. So we're introduced to the character of collars young boy and throughout the film, we get to see that he is a bit bit with life. He's almost given all p. stays at home. He's not interested in the world. But right at the start of the film, we get this show sequence that tells you the story of column. What brought him to the be the mon- the ears we see him meet his future wife as young child, they bombed over a balloon and then they fall in love, and they have this wedding sequence where you just see a photo get taken, and then she jumps on him and kisses him. It's really

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