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Holly Well it's not a question, so much but let, you know about the water department. In. How dishonest they are calculated my water Bill over several years and found out that my charge the water went up fifty, one good Lord, no announcement from the water company okay they then came. Out with a two dollars and fifty cents roughly reduction in some. See and blasted all over the internet television and radio, and the newspaper that they were reducing our water belt now that just proves to me that. These are. Really dishonest people You talking. About the city of cedar park water department did this to you No no no no no I'm talking about. Austin Dallas do right Well they do I mean there are many many people that have had the skyrocketing water Bill told stories that they call to get some answers and they. Get a rude person or a dismissive person. On. The, other, end, this, just. Not really interested in, helping them yeah Or they don't they just don't call back in a timely fashion but according. To the water department you're happy with them check this out do. Security, keys make computers, more secure well, according to Google the answer is simple yes ever since they, required. Their, employees to use a physical security, key instead of a one time codes in two thousand seventeen, it hasn't had. A single case. Of, an account. Takeover from, fishing now this, security deal the security key go all computer and you type in the code your password right well this would be like like a like a little memory stick that you stick. In your computer a digital key it's a. Key This is? Not, really a dog, let's just like a. Little. USB stick like a little memory stick you stick in its key the house you to access that computer and apparently Google. Says that is a much more safe way to go they haven't. Had, any fishing takeovers, fishing the kind, of emails you get sometimes click on it looks like it's, a. Really, mount you click on it and, all of a sudden the IT guy is running down the, hall with his. Hair on fire Stop opening emails move that's fishing security keys give give your way. To log onto a website, simply by plugging it in and pressing. A button and is considered to be safer than those two factor authentication. Well that makes sense until, they somehow, figure out how to crawl into, your key but. That does that makes a lotta sense anything that we can, physically hold in our hands generally I think is going to be safer Ricky good morning Hello Ricki Doing? Fine Thirty odd you know about Trump great made in America thereby made, in America but I guess everybody got none of their family stuff is made, in America Yeah You don't see tariffs on. That, yeah I should mentioned. That every day we mentioned it earlier we'd mentioned it early and I appreciate. Your call him back in mentioning again. Y'all got to get up to. Date Three three seven. Guys, got the date on all that stuff The three to seven guys that's all about today Yeah I think I think Rickie..

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