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You calling me a terrorist is not about the NSA confirmed listens to this might say, what like fem for fem bottom at the TSA listening agency, listen to podcasts and we'll report us like, let's be real now again, like him. Like him, think about what you say before you say it. And he bottom that works at the end is as confirmed a local later. I say that I thought you said you're your report me your local. Sorry, confirmed delete your local. Listen. Okay. So we're going to start. I want to talk about anything this week too much. Can you start? Okay. Really don't want to, oh, by the way. Again, once again, I'm Joan summers and that's about it. Wasn't any eating for free here. We are guest where we dive into the worst of the worst culture has to. I am not joking week after every single story I'm looking at except for the one about Lindsay. Lohan is confirmed dark time. Now. Let's just get the other way. That's okay. Yes. Are they just like, is that police? Siren, just totally. There's solder for us. They're listening to livestream. People can hear them. So don't think we're just the NSA agent that reports to the government also listens to Demi Levato. I'm actually just filling out the profile now in my brain. I mean locals in Nevada, the same ven diagram. Okay. Z. low-and doing okay, let us start our jobs. Yes. Lindsay Lohan is working on a quote, unquote vendor pump rules, inspired reality, TV show about her Mykonos beach clubs, no of a chain. I reviewed the planning. I understand that the initial news is shocking to hear. Okay. So it's startling information. I don't know what's wrong with me this week. Let me just sorry. Let me connect these dots here. You have to rearrange your mind after that. Lizzy lo Han Mykonos beach club Benepe Peru gave Andhra pump rules on MTV had gay tavita. Publ Susumu is like made me confirmed. Gay timeline is actually wait a minute, though. It's unimpeded. Right? Because I think actually did read about this no out yet, but they're planning it, right? No. But I mean, the series MTV, I think so I think it's MTV Also else. Would to it be be. that are VH. One individual would be lucky, Bravo doesn't want this. No Pravo is playing it safe. So is that it is that whole she? Yeah, no, no. It's just what you think it will be document the people that work at her Greek Mykonos club, and she will be like the Lisa vendor, pumper. She's McMahon djing from the top end pretending to work. So they mean hotel, then diagram of Lisa Vander pumpkin. Lindsay Lohan is bad bleached job and. Facelift, those are the two things that they have a shockingly. I can't deny like bad hair dye and faceless. I do have to actually ask though. So I wonder, are we going to get Lindsay Lohan doing a Greek accent because I've actually been kind of living for her is your national tour of accents. She's take. She has been just travelling in pretending that that substitutes, you know, I mean, someone nationality, maybe. That he had to take Madonna's mantle. They're like Madonna was running out of accents to do. I have something maybe a little bit darker, but I actually Doc, okay do. to truly get into this. So it's kind of a not a follow up, but it's something we have in done in actually a very long time. I haven't Iowa's press release. So there is an actress who you definitely never heard of if you're not thirteen known mostly for being on the Disney channel that got quite into a bit of trouble this week for an Instagram movie. What in Adria movie. Sorry, Netflix movie. But like. Instagram of movie streaming services. Okay. So. There is an actress known for being on the Disney channel that got into a lot of trouble this week. I am waiting for her name to load in Google because I can't retain it for more than three seconds because it's one of those names that you can't remember. Okay, awful here. Debby Ryan got into trouble this week for a movie. She is starring in called insatiable. No, I saw the trailer for this. Oh, you did? I did see the trailer for this. I didn't know that that was the movie. Oh my God. So awful. So insatiable is an upcoming Netflix original comedy..

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